The Good Wife “Bond” Review (Season 7 Episode 1)

The Good Wife Bond Season 7 Premiere 2015 (3)

Well, here we are folks. For better or worse, The Good Wife began its seventh season tonight with “Bond”, as Alicia gets back into the game and a few big changes are happening to the rest of the crew. How does the show fare coming off of the loss of Archie Panjabi, the infamous Kalinda/Alicia “bluescreengate”, and the worst season of the show’s run? Let’s find out!

The episode was pretty busy, as we’re not only finding out what Alicia’s life is like after having to bow out of the state’s attorney race, but we’re starting a lot more new storylines as well. The episode opens with Alicia looking for work as a bar attorney, just trying to scrape together enough money to support her two kids in college and her new personal legal business. It’s definitely the lowest that we’ve seen Alicia over the course of the series, and it’s actually a nice change of pace to see her not on a meteoric rise anymore. Back in season one she was rising in the ranks through Lockhart Gardner, and even in season five when she began her offshoot into Florrick Agos she was at least starting her own firm and had plenty of support and money. It will be good to see her actually struggling now, as she was starting to get a little boring.

Speaking of boring, guess what Peter’s up to? Yes, that’s right, he’s starting another campaign! Another. Freaking. Campaign. After his campaign for state’s attorney, his campaign for governor, and then Alicia’s campaign just last season for state’s attorney, I thought they’d give that storyline a break for a little bit. Nope! We’ve got to see Peter and Alicia give more interviews with pointed answers, more arguments about what Alicia does and doesn’t want to do for the campaign, and I’m sure we’ll have more debates against guest star candidates. There is one big difference, though: No more Eli Gold by his side!

Yes, in an effort to apparently make Peter Florrick even less likable, he’s firing one of the shows most popular characters. Not only firing him, but hiring his replacement behind his back with zero warning. It is pretty crappy for Peter to fire Eli after all they’ve been through together, and Peter can’t deny how important Eli’s been in getting him out of jail and into the governor’s office. At least we get a great reason to see Alan Cumming on the warpath. He was great tonight, delivering the all of the overacting and the bluster that we all love from Cumming and Eli Gold, and you can’t help but get the shivers when he hisses that line to Peter: “You’ve lost your biggest asset…and made your biggest enemy”.

Not only is Eli going up against Peter, but he’s going against Peter’s new strategist Ruth Eastman, played by the wonderful Margo Martindale. It’s always good to see Margo on my TV, but she’s just about the only reason I’m still interested in Peter’s campaign storyline.

You’ve got to figure that the King’s and the rest of the Good Wife writers are self-aware enough to know that they’ve done a campaign storyline many times. They did deliver five great seasons of TV, with only one dud last season, so you’ve got to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they can keep this storyline fresh.

Meanwhile, Cary is really missing having Alicia around. It’s a bummer to see a character that we like so much being relegated to stuffy partner meetings, uncomfortable bar encounters, and incredibly awkward advances from that new attorney guy. I’m hoping that Cary, and the rest of the guys over at Agos Lockhart get some more interesting material soon.

Not much else was going on tonight except the obligatory case-of-the-week involving a painting. All this case really did was introduce the awesome named Cush Jumbo as Lucca Quinn, a hungry young lawyer that’s been stuck as a bar attorney. I assume she’ll be working with Alicia going forward, as will Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character when he’s introduced next year. Can’t wait to see more!

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I’m so glad we got to see Mo Rocca again. Ted Willoughby is probably the most cartoonishly stupid character we’ve seen on this show, and it’s nice for a bit of comic relief.

– I’m also glad that the writers have a good reason to keep Makenzie Vega around, as Grace is acting as Alicia’s overeager secretary.

– Howard Lyman pretending those octagons were boobs was the best thing ever.