The Amazing Race “Get in There and Think Like a Dog” Review (Season 27 Episode 2)

The Amazing Race Get In There and Think Like a Dog Season 27 Episode 2 13

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the long titled “Get in There and Think Like a Dog”, as the teams make their way from Rio to Buenos Aires. The leg kicked off with Justin and Diana getting to know the teams a little better on the beach, since they were the only ones who didn’t fly with the rest in the first leg. I was really rooting for these two last leg because of their cute backstory and their huge love of the game, and also because they got totally screwed twice when their flight was delayed and their Fast Forward was cancelled. However, Justin was trying his hardest to get his team out of my good graces tonight.

That dude got really annoying really fast. Denise and James told him where Pope Francis was, and he declared to them that they should keep it a secret. It didn’t seem like they were particularly agreeing to it, he just decided it for them. It would be one thing if he did some research and he shared it with somebody, and then that person blabbed to a different team, but no. It also isn’t like Denise and James deciphered some incredibly difficult puzzle or anything. You can simply Google the phrase “Where was Pope Francis baptized” and the answer pops up immediately. Ask a stranger at the airport to use their iPhone for 5 seconds and you’ll have your answer! Justin and Diana talked about building relationships and forming alliances, but then they spent the whole rest of the leg pissing everyone off. You’d think such big fans of the game wouldn’t be so obnoxious.

When the teams arrived in Buenos Aires, they all rushed off to the Detour. Every team except for the reporters chose to look for trash, which is surprising considering how straight forward the truck challenge seemed to be. Neither challenge seemed particularly difficult, actually. Although I do have questions about the availability of the trash for the Cartoneros challenge. Did the Race producers stuff trash in the nearby cans or something? Also, one of the cheerleaders did question if there was even enough trash for everyone to finish it. Obviously everybody did eventually, but you’d think the first ones to arrive would have the easiest time completing it because all of the cans are full. This was clearly the one that the producers wanted the teams to attempt, though. They barely even showed the boring truck ride with the reporters, and then they very easily put that statue back together.

All of the teams advanced to the first Road Block of the season. When I heard it was a dancing challenge, I was pretty annoyed. I feel like last season had waaaay too many dancing challenges, but at least this one had the advantage of a very cool twist. The multiple camera angles for the sideways dancers was kinda disorienting, but at least it was a better than a regular on-the-ground dance. If they try to shove even one more boring choreographed dance challenge in this season, I’m gonna be pissed.

The irritating Justin and Diana were the first ones to make it to the pitstop, dropping them from the easy-to-root-for underdogs to head-of-the-pack villains. The bottom three had to resort to hunting for cabs and finding the mat first, and the little person team just is never going to win when it comes to a footrace. I liked those guys, but they never really had much of a chance of sticking around.

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Random Thoughts:

– What was up with Team Dancers little “Welcome to the airport, have a good flight” dance? I liked it, but it was so random!

– One huge advantage that this season has over last season? No team selfies! Thank you, CBS!

– Chris and Logan’s failed high five at the finish mat was one of the most spectacularly failed high fives I’ve seen in my life.