Scandal “Yes” Review (Season 5, Episode 2)

If there is one thing we can always be certain of in this life, it’s that no secret ever stays secret forever. Time always reveals everything. Well, time and jealous, conniving, manipulative individuals always looking to destroy other people. That’s pretty much what happened in this week’s Scandal. In all honesty, I wanted to like this episode a whole lot more than I did. But there were some problems.

The primary issue with this episode is the fact that it was a retread of a story we’ve already seen. Not too long ago, Fitz leaked the fact that Olivia is his mistress in an attempt to take that particular bullet out of Mellie’s gun. Naturally, it backfired because that’s just the way things go on this show. This time around was pretty much a wash, rinse, and repeat of the last time. There were no new steps. There weren’t any interesting angles. Even Olivia’s response to the situation was the same. She ran away last time too. I would’ve been ok with them rehashing the Outing of Olivia if it were done in a new, interesting way that revealed more layers of the characters. But that wasn’t the case. Olivia ran away. Fitz behaved like a petulant child. Mellie oh so magnanimously came back to the White House to help Fitz salvage the situation and Abby ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. Pretty much exactly by the numbers of what happened last time. The primary difference this time is that it appears Olivia has decided to finally own up to the truth. I don’t know how well that’s going to play out for her in the end, though, because it’s going to make doing her job pretty much impossible.

Something else that bothered me about this episode was the way Quinn treated Huck. I get that she was appalled and disgusted when she figured out that he’s the one who slaughtered everyone on that bus. Admittedly, that was a horrible thing and I get her being angry that Huck would kill all those innocent people. But my question is, why give Huck all that grief? Has Quinn forgotten how completely off the rails she went not too long ago? Has she forgotten how desperately she wanted to join B613 so she could kill people? Ultimately, Quinn admitted that she’s twisted in the head too, but watching her belittle and berate Huck was just making me upset. Has Huck gone off the deep end? Yes. Am I concerned that he’s not going to be able to put himself back on track? Yes. Should someone have called Huck out for what he did? Absolutely. But the question remains, how was anything Quinn was doing actually helping Huck? He realized that “his guy” had gotten loose, so Huck was doing what he could to try and put him back. He went and sought help from one of the very few people who could understand what he was going through. He tried to focus on work. But at every turn Quinn was there haranguing him and making snide remarks. If Quinn was truly concerned about Huck (as a friend should be) then why not see what she could do to help him instead of throwing it back in his face at every opportunity? Hopefully, Quinn has gotten all of that out of her system now and she’ll stop being such a jerk toward him. Maybe actually try to help him. But one thing I absolutely do not want to ever see again under any circumstances is another Quinn/Huck coupling. No. Just no.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Susan Ross is a boss. Susan’s confrontation with Fitz was perfect. While I do think that Fitz has every right to try to handle his marital issues in private, Susan also made a valid point. Whether it’s right or wrong, individuals who choose to live in the public eye give up a great deal of their right to privacy. I don’t subscribe to the idea that a person ceases being a person just because they’ve chosen a career that puts them in the spotlight. But I understand the sentiment Susan was trying to convey. Fitz gave up the opportunity to make mistakes and bad choices when he decided to run for President. It’s a sad truth, but people don’t really care that the President is a human being too because people don’t see a person when they look at the President. They see an institution, and that institution is expected to be perfect. It appears that Fitz forgot that. He was so caught up in what he wanted and what he felt that he didn’t stop to consider the spectacle he was causing. He didn’t stop to consider that what he wanted wasn’t necessarily what was best for the country, and in the end, what he wants doesn’t really matter anymore. At least not while he’s still the President.

I wish I had more to say about this episode, but I really don’t. I was cautiously optimistic after the season premiere, but this episode didn’t do very much to bolster my confidence. There weren’t any real twists or turns in the story. The case of the week was pretty standard, and the players weren’t particularly interesting. There wasn’t any new character development. Everything was by the numbers and unoriginal. Elizabeth North is still about as interesting as a wet paper towel. The fact that she leaked the news about Fitz and Olivia goes to show that she’s not only a horrible person, but also a horrible chief of staff. Cyrus may be a monster, but at least he was a good chief of staff. And he’s interesting. I know a lot of folks don’t like Jake, but I do. I love the fact that he’s always right there for Olivia when she needs him even when she’s too proud to ask. He also tells her what she needs to hear as opposed to what she wants to hear. She needs more people in her life who will do that. It looks like next week Olivia will have to deal with the consequences of admitting the truth. That has some potential. Let’s see what happens. So what did y’all think of this week’s Scandal?