‘Dominion’ (Season 2): Nothing Without God

Dominion - Season 2

There was so much going on the season finale of Dominion last night that it was almost hard to wrap your head around it all, right? I’m not the only one who felt overwhelmed by the way things played out in the episode, correct?

First of all, the newly departed William Whele – whose life was taken by his own father – opened the gates of Vega to Julian’s 8-balls in last week’s. By doing that he literally created hell on Earth for human beings who narrowly survived the nightmarish aftermath of the Amphora.

Things aren’t any better for Michael at the hands of his brother Gabriel, who has taken his sibling back to the small town in Mallory, searching for their believed dead angel brother – the one and only – Lucifer. It turns out that Lucifer has his own Army and he has been using Mallory as his way back from the “grave” so to speak.

Remember those sacrifices that were made every five years by the leader of Mallory? That person would take on the sins of all of the town’s residents, sacrificing themselves for the greater good. It turns out each of those sacrifices is what has been “healing” Lucifer. ARGH! That isn’t good!! And then in the ending scene, there was that creepy scene of Lucifer rising from that – what?! – vat of oil hidden underneath the town’s church. Say what?! Oh, and even worse, he needs Alex – the Chosen One – to complete his resurrection. Good grief!!

Then there was the loss of Claire Riesen at the hands of Duma, the angel who took over her father’s body. Did anyone see that coming or expect that harsh outcome? I know I sure wasn’t and feel very sad that she lost her life.

And, just when we thought that Noma could be trusted, we not only see that she turned against Gabriel after Alex’s birth, but – in a harsh turn of events – she also turned against Michael and Alex, seemingly siding with Lucifer in order to get her wings back. Can anyone say, what the hell?

So that’s the episode in a nutshell (at least where the big stories are concerned), now let’s talk about the other small story developments:

• David was going to leave Vega with Arika (who was retreating to her home of Helena), but at the last minute he stayed behind; only to be captured by the 8-balls and then taken to Duma;
• We got to see more flashbacks to shortly after Alex’s birth, learning that Noma killed Alex’s mother but she couldn’t kill Alex; and that Gabriel warned Michael that if Noma betrayed him (Gabriel that is), what was stopping her from betraying him (Michael that is) – and she DID!!!
• Alex admits that he loves Noma, and that he wasn’t in love with Claire any longer, but as Claire died in his arms, he told her he loved her; and,
• General Riesen was fighting against the angel Duma as much as he could to save Claire’s and Alex’s lives, but despite Claire shooting him twice and Noma shooting him heavily with that machine gun, he is still alive.

With all of that in mind, what are your thoughts about the finale? Are you sad that William is dead? What about Claire’s unexpected death? What do you think will happen with David? What will Arika do once she is back in Helena? And what about Lucifer? What kind of horror is he going to unleash on Earth once he arises? Please share your thoughts below.

‘Dominion’ has yet to be renewed for a third season by Syfy.