Criminal Minds “The Job” Review (Season 11 Episode 1)

Criminal Minds The Job Season 11 Premiere 2015 (2)

Well, here we are folks! A new season, a new team member, and a new Unsub to hunt down. It must be a new season of Criminal Minds is starting up again, with the premiere episode “The Job”.

The biggest question going into the season was how the team would fill their two empty spots at their table. Apparently at least 6 or 7 months have passed, because we just found out that JJ was pregnant in the last season finale and she wasn’t even showing at all. Now her little baby is already here, so they’ve had quite a time jump. They apparently haven’t had to fill Kate’s position, but now when they’re two down they decided to let a bunch of people apply for the job. Enter Aisha Tyler and her pixie haircut!

Yes, Aisha was introduced as Dr. Tara Lewis. She apparently deals with Unsubs after they’ve been caught, which is interesting. Everybody on the BAU just catches these guys, but they don’t really spend too much time getting to know them or finding out what makes them tick. They just ship them off and move on to the next case. Tara might know more about these psychopaths than anyone else! Also she’s apparently…really good at impersonating voices? That’s weird. I really do hope they find some good opportunities to showcase Tyler’s considerable comedic abilities, because this show can definitely be in need of comic relief at times.

My biggest concern about Aisha in this role is…how on earth does she have the time to be on this show?! Between her roles on Archer, Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Talk, and her numerous podcast and video game appearances, she’s one of the busiest women in showbiz!

I do wish there was at least some kind of question as to who would join the BAU, though. I mean, what really was the point of having all of those people there to apply? We barely even got any screen time from any of them, and the camera kept focusing on Lewis the whole time anyway. It would have been cool if they had some kind of tryout process, like they did on that one season of House, where a bunch of people are trying to win a spot onto the vaunted BAU squad. Maybe you could have got a couple other guest stars to come in and try out for a spot, and then just have Tyler stick around when all of the others washed out. Ah well…

Anyway, the case tonight was fine. Usually your typical Unsub on this show is just a guy who went crazy for whatever reason, but this time we had an honest-to-goodness hitman on the show! The only interesting part about this case was the end, when we learn that there might be some kind of hitman group that the BAU will be tracking down this season. The overarching storyline from last season was tracking down a group of creeps from the darknet, so I’m hoping this season won’t be rehashing too many beats from last season.

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Random Thoughts:

– So what do you guys think of Aisha Tyler’s haircut? I’m personally not a big fan, but I’ve always been a long-hair guy.

– Did anybody else check to see if their phone was ringing when the Unsubs started vibrating?

– Garcia and Morgan trying to find the next victim using their internet hacking really made me wish for a Criminal Minds/CSI: Cyber crossover.