Survivor “Survivor MacGyver” Review (Season 31 Episode 2)

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Survivor returned tonight with their first standard length episode of the season, as “Survivor MacGyver” skips the “blue view” post-Tribal scenes and we instead skip to the next morning at the Ta Keo tribe. There’s still a lot of moving parts here, with Jeff Varner really being somewhat of a swing vote. The combination of “new school vs. old school” players definitely seems to be a consistent theme for the season, although you might as well just call it “strategizers vs. non-strategizers”. Part of me does get a little annoyed at people saying that others are “playing too hard”, especially when Varner is accusing people like Spencer of doing it. I never thought of Spencer as particularly over-strategic in his first season. Shirin I would believe, but I just feel like these old school guys see anybody doing any kind of strategizing and they flip out.

Speaking of flipping out, how terrible is Abi? My goodness. She’s annoying when she’s happy, she’s annoying when she’s sad, she’s annoying when she’s angry. She’s never not annoying. It boggles the mind how she got voted into this game. I didn’t vote myself, so I’m blaming this one on you guys. I guess she makes for dramatic TV, but it’s drama with no substance. It’s just drama for drama’s sake. Last season’s most dramatic player was Shirin, but at least she had some kind of personal reason for her drama. Abi literally said tonight that she was going to go over to the group of boys just to be annoying. Spencer is right, she is a cancer.

Not much drama of any kind going on over at Bayon. In fact, the golden boy Joe was given the episode title of “Survivor MacGyver” for making his teammates some hammocks. When he said he was going to make a hammock, I thought he meant just one, but then the camera panned out and he made, like, five! They continued to win the immunity challenge, so we didn’t even see them for the rest of the episode. It’s like they showed this fluff scene just so we can check in on them in some way. I believe that was the only Bayon scene we had all night, right? Wild.

Anyway, the pre-tribe scramble was pretty crazy, as Spencer and Shirin somehow found themselves at the bottom of the totem pole and desperately struggling to get anybody to vote with them. As much as I hate Abi, her laugh at Shirin when asking if they were still together was pretty great. I also loved Woo shutting them down as well, as I always felt like he was so easy going in his season.

With Shirin and Spencer headed into tribal in the same position, they both acted very differently. Shirin was so mopey and dejected, bringing up her fight with Wil from last season (again!). On the other hand, Spencer was still scrambling to get people to keep him. I don’t know if that made any different to the group tonight, or if they were always planning to get rid of Shirin. I also don’t know if his little speech will get him off the chopping block next time, but I guess we’ll find out soon!

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Random Thoughts:

– It’s kind of weird that Savage thought so highly of his own story that he was offended that Fishbach wasn’t as emotionally affected by it as he expected.

– I’m used to the “blue view” camera tone for the nighttime shots, but I don’t remember seeing that sepia morning filter before. Is that a new thing or has it been done before?

– I remembered Shirin’s fight differently. I thought Mike didn’t come in to rescue her fast enough. Wasn’t she upset about that? Jeff seemed to describe it very differently.