Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Laws of Nature” Review (Season 3 Episode 1)

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD kicked off their third season with a bang in tonight’s great opener “Laws of Nature”. We had a lot of cliffhangers to catch up on after last season’s finale, so I really appreciated that tonight’s episode hit the ground running and started out with that awesome scene with new Inhuman recruit Joey Gutierrez. His metal melting power was pretty cool to see in action, but nowhere near as cool as seeing Daisy (not Skye anymore!) as she sends a few guys and a car flying down the street. After seeing Skye develop slowly over the last two seasons, this opening scene felt like such a great payoff. We’ve seen her go from a hacker in the back of a van to a full blown superhero, but at no point has it felt rushed or forced. Really awesome stuff!

The other big character introduced in that opening scene was Constance Zimmer’s icy Rosalind Prince, and it sure was great to see her hot off her great role in Lifetime’s underwatched series “UNreal”. On that show she plays a villain you love to hate, but on this show she appears to be playing a straight-up villain. It’s quickly revealed that her mysterious organization is hunting down Inhumans for lethal experimentation, which sure makes her a pretty straightforward baddie. I mean, if she was simply experimenting on live subjects that would be one thing, but we just saw a half dozen bodies with their chest cavities wide open! That doesn’t leave a lot of room for explanation. Also, how on earth does she know so much about Coulson and SHIELD?! She event knows about Tahiti, complete with the accompanying mantra “It’s a magical place.” I really hope we get more explanation on her soon that gives a satisfying reason for her apparent omniscience.

I also was not immediately impressed with Joey at first. I get that your whole life has been turned upside down and you’ve all of a sudden got these strange powers, but he seems strangely upset about SHIELD trying to help him. These people came and rescued you from a bunch of very dangerous men with guns, and they’ve been nothing but friendly and accepting about your situation, so why are you freaking out when they’re just trying to help?! Thankfully he seemed to have calmed down a bit by the end, and it’s nice to have a gay member of the team as well. I liked the parallel he drew between keeping secrets in his life and how much better things are when the secrets are out.

The final major introduction of the premiere was the mysterious monster in the hospital. They’re keeping the identity a secret for now, but most Marvel fans can probably guess who he is. He’s played by the barely recognizable Matthew Willig, who you might recognize as every large, intimidating man in every TV show or movie ever. I’m not sure if he’s working for anyone else, or if he’s on his own team hunting down Inhumans.

Apart from Daisy, the other character who’s gone through a huge change is Fitz. He sure seems better a lot, better! Not only has he stopped stumbling over his words, but he’s recovered so well that he’s able to deliver rapid fire monologues to bad guys without hesitation. It’s good to know that the team is aware of Simmons being gone, but they’re still not sure where she is. Fitz was great in that final scene with Coulson, and you just feel terrible seeing him pound on that obelisk – especially seeing what a terrible place Simmons is stuck in!

The rest of the team are mostly still recovering from the end of the last season. Bobbi is getting used to her knee, Coulson used to his hand, and we didn’t even see Grant or May tonight. I’m glad that we focused on these other storylines instead of trying to include everyone, but it looks like next week is bringing them back. I can’t wait to see where we go next!

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Random Thoughts:

– Coulson’s Grumpy Cat mug was one of my favorite touches for the episode.

– Hunter’s “Again…killing it with math” was one of the best lines of the night.

– I was wondering if this show would at all reference Ant-Man, simply because they’ve worked in every Marvel film that’s aired since the show started. All we got was a throwaway line from Coulson about the possibility of Simmons having shrunk, after what happened at Pym Industries. Not the full-blown crossover kind of episodes like the ones from Thor, Avengers, and Captain America 2.