Scorpion “Cuba Libre” Review (Season 2, Episode 2)


On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” the gang headed Havana, but this was no vacation- it was a manhunt- in “Cuba Libre.” It all started with the arrival of a comely visitor looking for Cabe- “Fifty bucks on love child,” Toby declared, amusingly- but this was no family reunion.

Instead, it was a girl who Cabe had taken upon himself to secure an adoption for, after discovering her in war-torn Croatia, her family the victims of genocide. Now all grown up, the adult Sonia (Izabella Miko, of “Coyote Ugly” and “Chicago Fire” fame) was on the warpath for revenge against the man who was directly responsible for killing her family, and she needed Cabe’s help to do it.

Turns out the culprit was General Zoric (Dimiter D. Marinov, “Act of Valor”), one of the Top 20 Most Wanted Serbian war criminals. Not only that, but he reportedly had a computerized ledger with any number of other such criminals and their assumed names and whereabouts inside. If they could catch him and get a hold of the ledger as well, then the government could take down a lot more criminals where that came from.

However, there was a catch: Sonia hadn’t been able to secure solid proof it was even him, and needed it to get the government involved officially. So, in order to do so, the team would have to go off-book, without a net, which meant that, if they were caught, they were on their own, and not even the new Homeland Security director Molina (Alana De La Garza, “Forever”) could save them. That said, she at least gave them a solid assist, not only securing the team transport into Cuba, but a connection with double agents within the Cuban Police Department when they arrived.


Alas, shortly after their arrival, the entire team of said agents was taken out, leaving them high and dry and truly on their own for real. What was worse, they were also seen in the vicinity and an APB was put out for their immediate arrest. The clock was ticking, but they were able to fashion a crazy plan to secure the DNA sample they needed, and it worked- at least until Zoric got wise and went after members of the team. Thankfully, Walter was able to get the better of him and they set about transporting him elsewhere to plan their next move.

Eventually, they were able to puzzle out where Zoric was keeping the ledger and put together an even crazier plan to secure it, by breaking into the bank safety deposit vault from the roof! Happy managed to snag the ledger, and after some quick thinking and truly bizarre use of a sausage (!), it was off to the races. Though Zoric attempted an escape that almost cost them their ride, they were thankfully able to get him back to the plane and subsequently back to the States to pay for his misdeeds.

This was a fun episode, with some intense moments and interesting teamwork contributions- love that sausage bit! It also had its share of amusing one-liners, notably Happy’s exclamation when she was hanging from the ceiling waiting to be lowered down into the vault that: “I am not a piñata, lower me down!”

I also liked Sylvester’s ongoing squabbles with Cabe. “Have I ever put you in an unsafe situation?” Cabe asked him, at one point. “All the time,” Sly complained. “Then you should be used to it,” shot back Cabe, amusingly. (That was also funny when the double agents psyched out the team by pretending to be legit cops planning to arrest them when Sly declared: “Now I have more than sand in my pants.” LOL.)


We also saw Walter pay the piper after his car wrecking incident on the first season’s finale, when he finally pleaded guilty and had to do community service. Between coming clean about his actions there, and actually listening to his emotions with the whole Sonia situation, Walter is growing exponentially as a human being. And I certainly can’t blame him for that double take he did upon seeing Paige in a wet t-shirt. Forget “American Idol”- this girl should be in “Sports Illustrated”! Yowsa!

All in all, another solid episode, with a good mix of tense moments and laughs. Yes, Miko’s performance was a bit overwrought, but it seemed genuine, at least, and she’s nothing if not easy on the eyes her own damn self. I also, like Toby, got a kick out of the sight of Walter in the requisite orange jumpsuit. I guess orange is the new Walter.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you like the main plotline? What did you think of Miko’s performance? Did you laugh at Sly’s antics? Did you feel bad for lonely Toby? What’s next for Walter? Do you think he’ll learn from his mistakes? Is there hope for him and Paige yet? Sound off down below, and see you next week!