NCIS: LA “Citadel” Review (Season 7, Episode 2)


Much better NCIS: LA! Adding in Talia, an interesting case, more father moments for Callen, a solid scene between Sam and Kensi, another great reveal for Hetty, and of course, Mama Deeks made “Citadel” a nice improvement over last week’s premiere.

Every time the show brings in a recurring character it makes for a better episode, and Talia is no exception. I’m not sure how easy this will be in the future now that Mercedes Mason has Fear the Walking Dead on her plate, but for now I was grateful to have her energy interjected back in here. Mason is believable in the role and works well with the cast each time. The only thing that bothered me is she was yet again made a sort-of thorn in Kensi’s side regarding Deeks. Could that be played when the two of them weren’t in an outright relationship? Yes. But now it just felt very tacky on Talia’s side to interact with Deeks the way she did, especially at the end of the episode. Mason deserves more than that as an actor and so does Daniela Ruah (and I’m just glad there was no catfight this time).

I was able to let those aspects slide due to the strength of the rest of the episode. Other than that final moment, the pairing of Talia with Deeks and Kensi worked nicely again. The selling of the DEA Informant List by the director of Citadel made for a compelling plot that allowed most of our characters a moment to shine. Callen is still reeling from the events in Russia and will not be giving up that fight anytime soon. Sam’s scene concerning relationships with Kensi is the type I think LL Cool J excels at, and I always find him more affecting in those quieter moments (last season’s standout being his conversation with the homeless veteran). Hetty only had one scene but did it ever count in that it was revealed the test used at Citadel was created by her. And finally, Kensi was introduced to Mama Deeks (played by the wonderful Pamela Reed). I hope she hangs around for a while because Reed is always a joy to watch, and adding her in is a nice new way to shake things up on the Kensi/Deeks front (versus having Talia mack on him).

More Thoughts as I Hide Very Important Intel in a Heel

– More bread crumbs were dropped regarding why the LAPD could be investigating Deeks. The director of Citadel mentioned him wanting revenge before he cut her off. This must be related to the former partner who was murdered right?

– As soon as the camera panned to the heel, I knew what Deeks was going for. That whole scene was just the right mix of drama and comedy (Talia going on about him having a foot fetish), and more of what I like to see on NCIS: LA.

– Just enough Eric and Nell this episode.

– So, will Callen just shave his beard or cut the hair as well? I’m hoping only the former because I’m getting attached to seeing long hair on Chris O’Donnell again.

– Kensi made her shot. Good girl.

– I can’t be the only one hoping Linda Hunt and Pamela Reed have a scene together soon, right? I need a partial Kindergarten Cop reunion stat.