Chasing Life “La Dolce Vita” Review (Season 2 Episode 13) Finale 2015

chasing life finale

Chasing Life’s season finale didn’t end like many would hope. April was a roller coaster of emotions after learning that her clinical trial isn’t working. The feud between Olivia, Natalie and the Carvers continued, Brenna and Finn call it quits while Sara and George made us ponder why they aren’t a couple yet!

April Is Ready To Die

April’s mindset has really changed, as I am sure that anyone battling cancer’s does. The biggest event of the night for April was a paper cut. Yes, something so small spiraled into an upsetting discovery – her clinical trial isn’t working and in a last ditch effort she can get surgery. She’s ready to fight and tells the whole family they are going to continue to fight too when it comes to George’s possible trouble with the law and Olivia’s threats of publishing Thomas’ book. But after finding her list of 37 regrets and making sure they are all marked off, April suddenly realizes while watching the sunset with Dom and Beth that she knows what her last chapter is – it’s living her days out in Italy and ultimately dying there.

Brenna & Greer Reunite

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming. I love the Finn/Brenna storyline so I am hoping Greer isn’t back to try and rekindle her relationship with Brenna now that Brenna and Finn seem done. It would be good to see Brenna and Greer remain friends and battle the world together even if they have great chemistry. We’ve already seen them together and watching it all over again would be mundane.

Beth Knows What She Needs To Do

Beth has a lot on her shoulders with April’s cancer, her pregnancy and her career. And while she doesn’t come out and say what she plans to do, it looks like she’s going to have a baby! Then there is Josh. His face as they left the bathroom said it all. Maybe Graham will renter the picture? Fingers crossed he’ll be back in season 3!!

Sara & George Are Ready To Fight

These two have to get together before the end of this series. They are destined and seem to find themselves back together again no matter what happens between them. Last week it looked as though Sara wasn’t going to forgive George. Now she wants the family to stick it out together and fight Olivia and Natalie. Eventually we see Natalie back down, but it looks like Olivia just can’t help herself as one of the last scenes of the finale features Brenna opening the door to the authorities.