Castle “What Lies Beneath” Review (Season 8 Episode 2)


Castle’s two part season opener was jaw dropping, to say the least! After watching part 1 , it looked as though the writer’s room was recycling Castle’s disappearance storyline from last season, but after seeing the conclusion of part two, it looks like we’re in for an eventful season!

Kate and the Conspiracy

When we see Kate again she is laying low in an abandoned house with Vikram. He’s curious about their chosen location, but Kate has done her homework, including setting her own booby trap with broken glass on the ground of the front door. The crunch singles that they’ve been found and suddenly gangs are blazing. Kate gets shot and then saved by a mysterious woman, who later find out is Castle’s step-mom! She’s like a fantastic mix of Kate and Martha all rolled into one. Suddenly, Kate’s sewing job (on herself!) in the back of a drying cleaning shop kills the excitement of this new character.

We finally learn that Kate is being targeted by a mysterious associate of Bracken. Yes, the former United States Senator turned Kate’s enemy. He may be in an orange jumpsuit, but he still has it out for her. Eventually, he gets his though in a scene that shows him bloody and leaning dead against a wall.

The Unexpected

In the end we see Castle and Beckett find their way back to one another. It was also great to see Rick’s crazy desk –rigged to pop out his gun – come to good use, and how much of a family affair Castle’s is, but all of this pale’s in comparison to watching the shocking moment Kate packs a bag and leaves her husband behind, determined to find out who Bracken’s mystery partner is!