Quantico “Run” Review (Series Premiere)


Quantico! Or as many critics have been calling it How to Get Away with Treason and Grey’s Academy. And while it does share many aspects with those shows (the flashforwards, the really really good looking young people all falling for each other), I think it also suffers from something that could be a make it or break it point for many viewers: too much plot. In hindsight, the pilot for How to Get Away with Murder feels like small potatoes now. Too much plot can work for a limited series if everything is wrapped up, but in the case of Quantico that will most likely not happen if the show is given a full season and then renewed for a second. If anything, more and more will just keep piling up to keep track of. With HTGAWM, Pete Nowalk made each storyline just discernible enough to follow. Not every law student had a massive secret about them revealed in the pilot. If you will, the onion was peeled gradually, and all for the better. With Quantico, I felt like I was walking through IKEA for the first time. It was all very pretty, and I wanted to buy everything, but it also was just too damn much. My hope is that subsequent episodes feel more cohesive- pilots can have a very disjointed quality due to fitting as much as possible in to grab the network and advertiser attention.

Should that not happen, Quantico does have one major thing going for it to string everything and everyone together, and that’s Priyanka Chopra. She’s not Viola Davis in the acting department, but few people are. What she does have in an innate watchable quality. I wish Alex Parrish had been made full Indian American versus mixed race when Chopra signed on, yet what’s done is done. I also would have preferred Chopra keeping her native accent. Her American accent one almost has a British lilt to it. This I can probably let slide plot-wise since Alex lived in Mumbai for 10 years. Her accent can pass as an amalgam of many things. Either way, having Chopra at the center of a major network TV show is a huge deal. If all 11 million of her Twitter followers tune in then it will be a hit. And I commend ABC for having another woman of color lead one of their shows. As of now it’s hard to tell if this will make Chopra a breakout star in the US or if she’ll end up going the way of Aishwarya Rai and not make it through. It’s a buzzy premise with a (mostly) strong supporting cast though. Along with Blindspot, I think Quantico will be fall’s breakout hit.

More Thoughts as I Wish the Opening Shot Wasn’t Included Because the CGI was Just Terrible

– I’m not sure why Dougray Scott was recast because he fits the role of Liam O’Connor in my mind much more than Josh Hopkins. And if O’Connor is indeed framing Alex for the terrorist attack, I just don’t buy Hopkins playing that antagonism well. Scott can play charming yet slimy at the same time, and I’m curious as to why a change was made.

– O’Connor being the mastermind behind the attack could very well be a red herring, but he obviously knows more about Alex’s father than he’s letting on.

– So Ryan is an undercover G-man. Do you think he knew the depth of what he was getting into from the beginning? And he’s obviously not dead.

– Was sad to see Brian J. Smith’s Eric die so quickly because he was the strongest of the supporting trainees. Granted, that’s why he’s also a lead on Sense8.

– Johanna Braddy is having a wonderful year so far, first with UnREAL and now this. Her Anna and Shelby aren’t too far off in character either. Braddy plays this type of character all the time, but she does it very well. And she gave me major Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy vibes in her lie detector scene.

– My guess with Nimah was that she was going to have either multiple personality disorder or a twin. Well, the show went The Prestige route. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK OUT?

– I also don’t think Simon is gay. Not sure why he would pretend, but there was a serious connection between him and Nimah.

*Like HTGAWM and Blindspot, I won’t be doing weekly reviews for Quantico. Should the show last a whole season, I’ll check back in for the fall finale/winter premiere or season finale*

What did everyone think?