‘Doctor Who’ (Season 9): The Doctor Versus Davros

Doctor Who The Magician's Apprentice Season 9 Premiere 2015 (1)

In terms of my expertise where the world of Doctor Who is concerned, I am a novice at best. I have been watching the show (off and on) since it returned with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role. It was hit or miss for me throughout his short rein as the legendary doctor. The same goes for when the one and only David Tennant took over the role. As long as the episodes with Tennant didn’t feature any creepy crawlers (I don’t really like creatures or bugs), I would watch.

That all changed, however, when Matt Smith took over the role. I was hooked! I had finally found my doctor – something I learned over time that every fan has – that one actor who encompassed the role so completely that I couldn’t miss one single episode.

But now with a new actor playing the Doctor, watching the show doesn’t feel quite the same; and that’s how I felt with the two-part season premiere that aired over the past two Saturdays on BBC America.

Just like Clara I had absolutely no idea who the young boy named Davros could possibly be (remember: I said I was a novice!). Thankfully, the reveal was made that he was the dreaded creator of the Daleks, those mutants contained inside mechanical shells that look like a combination of a small tank and a garbage can with heavy duty chrome plated beaters off a mixer. Okay that may not be a perfect image, but you get the idea, right?

As the episode rolled out, we saw the Doctor dealing with a (supposedly) dying Davros, who was obviously faking his impending death for a nefarious reason – he wanted to use the Doctor’s regenerative properties for himself. But thankfully the Doctor was a step ahead of him, knowing what the madman wanted well before anyone else.

Let’s also take a moment to talk about Missy – aka the new version of The Master – who seems to think that she is the Doctor’s best friend (is she delusional?), who – for whatever reason – received his “confession dial” (basically a Time Lords’ last will and testament). It would seem that because of receiving that dial Missy used a fancy little devise to freeze all of those planes in order to get attention from Clara and Kate Stewart, the Chief Scientific Officer of UNIT, that mysterious British government-like agency that has worked with the Doctor and his companions in the past. I mean she couldn’t just show up to scare the crap out of everyone without all the pomp and circumstance? But she is The Master so that little display is typical.

Lastly, the Doctor went back (or was it forward?) in time to save Davros as a small boy. So by doing that does that mean the Daleks will never be created? And if that’s the case, how does that change nearly everything within the world of ‘Doctor Who’?

What did you think of the two-part season premiere? Did you like the episode? What did you think of Missy? Please share your thoughts below. And remember, the next new episode of the 9th season of ‘Doctor Who’ will air on BBC America this Saturday, October 3 at 9/8c.