Bob’s Burgers Season Premiere “Sliding Bobs” Review (Season 6 Episode 1)

Welcome back, fellow Bob’s Burgers fans! Bob’s Burgers is easily one of my favorite shows on television and it warms my heart to see the show grow in popularity and enter its sixth season.

In last night’s season premiere, Bob began losing his mustache – much to Linda’s dismay. Linda shared that an accidental run-in between Bob’s mustache and her finger is how the two initially met. That prompted the kids to contemplate what would have happened if Bob’s ‘stache and Linda’s love for a good ‘stache had never come together one fateful day. As Gene said, I don’t want to even contemplate a future without Gene . . . or Linda, or Bob, or Tina, or Louise.

For Eugene, it was an 80s inspired mashup between RoboCop and Police Academy in which Bob died at the end.

Louise took a nod from Big, as Bob wished for a mustache after meeting Linda and wanting to impress her. Bob’s ‘stache dreams turned into a nightmare true to the “be careful what you wish for” form. His impressive ‘stache turns him into a werewolf, which sounds way less intriguing when Louise clarifies that he was suffering from uncontrollable hair growth everywhere. Linda gagging at the sight at Bob was SO funny. There are few things as entertaining and awkward as exchanges between Bob and Fischoeder. I also totally buy that Linda would become a nun because she thought it would be like Sister Act.

Always the romantic, Tina wanted to believe that fate would bring her parents together even if Bob was without his mustache. Tina’s story was actually the scariest because it pondered a future in which Linda married Hugo and opened Hugo’s Hot Dogs. In this alternate universe, Bob becomes a mustache-less health inspector. Louise dressing like a princess and Gene not wanting to be the center of attention is indeed the darkest timeline. Interestingly, Charlize was very much like Louise once you got past the princess dress. And any version of Bob who does not like puns is just wrong. As Louise observed, “Tina, you got dark girl. You got dark.” I love how Tina had an existential crisis and freaked out Louise. Gene’s reaction? A hot dog craving. Never change, Gene. Never change.

As an episode of Bob’s Burgers, Sliding Bobs was pretty entertaining. I’m not sure, however, if it stacked up to previous season premieres. In all fairness, the previous season premiers have been extremely funny. They include: Human Flesh, The Belchies, Ear-sy Rider, A River Runs Through Bob and Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.

What I liked most about Sliding Bobs, were the call backs. Tina’s darkest timeline was very reminiscent of Human Flesh, even down to Hugo trying to remind Linda of their anniversary. The kids’ stories were chock full of funny callbacks as well, including Gene’s obsession with robots and 80s movies, Linda’s obsession with mustaches, Tom Selleck and singing, along with Bob’s uneasiness with the sight of blood. It was also fun to finally get to see Ginger on screen. We’ve seen Linda talking to Ginger on the phone, but I don’t think we’ve actually ever seen her in an episode – I think. Overall, Sliding Bobs was a funny start to the season and I can’t wait to see what else the Belchers have in store.

Belcher line of the night: Linda, as imagined by Louise, referring to Bob and his ‘stache as “a bad boy down south, but a gentleman above the mouth.”

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, I hope we get lots of episodes with the Belcher kids’ friends. I love Regular Sized Rudy, Andy, Ollie, Zeek, Jimmy and Daryl. I can’t wait to see what the Belcher kids pick for the Halloween costumes and the writers keep upping the ante on the Thanksgiving craziness for the Belchers, so I’m sure this season will not disappoint.

Until Next Time!

I’ll be back to check in at the end of the season. Until then, let me know what you thought of Sliding Bobs and what you’re looking forward to the most this season. Is there a friend or nemesis of the Belcher family you can’t wait to see? Sound off below!