The Amazing Race “A Little too Much Beefcake” Review (Season 27 Episode 1)

The Amazing Race A Little Too Much Beefcake Season 27 Premiere 2015 (5)

The Amazing Race returned on Friday night with the entertaining but flawed opener “A Little too Much Beefcake”. It’s crazy that I’ve been watching this show for 27 years, and I really was not a fan of many parts of the last season, so I was hoping that the Race producers would make a few much needed changes to the formula to kick off the season. Survivor made a bunch of changes in their premiere, and The Amazing Race did just lose their Emmy last week, so you’d think they’d try to learn from their mistakes.

I thought the opening was a pretty good indication, where the teams were informed that the first ones to compete a bike race would win the only ticket on an earlier flight. Well, that seemed like a good idea in theory, except that it introduced us to the team with possibly the worst luck in Race history.

Justin and Diana had such a great story going in, getting engaged on an Amazing Race fan series and all, but man were they getting screwed tonight. First their half hour advantage ended up dwindling down to only five minutes, then they went for the flash forward only to be told that it couldn’t happen in the current weather, and then they were all out of money from having to take a cab up and down the mountain. It was especially crappy simply because none of it was their fault. The Fast Forward could have been a challenge that wasn’t so fickle, or they could have given them a bigger lead than only 30 minutes. Either way, they really ended up being the team you were rooting for by the end of the episode.

As for the other teams, only a few really stuck out to me tonight. The little people cousins were certainly fun to watch, and it cracked me up that the dancers barely even remembered the name of the most famous monument in Rio after studying a map of the city. The most interesting team dynamic to me was Denise and James Earl AKA Team Alabama. The gay son with their parent is a team combo that’s been done many times on this show, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it done with a disapproving parent that is trying to win back the affection of their child. It really adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship, and it was especially heartbreaking to hear her say that she doesn’t feel like his hero anymore. Even if they don’t win, you still gotta root for them to mend their relationship a bit.

I was also really hoping for more out of Kelly and Chevonne, AKA Team TMZ. Yes, I do watch TMZ semi-regularly. Also yes, I do know I’m part of the problem with humanity, but I don’t care. Anyway, I was pulling for them for no other reason than the fact that their newsroom really is a boys club and I know they’ll be criticized mercilessly after getting eliminated first. I guess if you make fun of people for a living then you have to withstand a little ribbing, but I am bummed I won’t be able to see them on this show a bit more.

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Random Thoughts:

– My parents actually were in the crowd behind Phil during the opening at Venice Beach! Look real hard for a man in a blue shirt and woman in a pink one!

– I’m always annoyed when CBS tries to force team names on us with their hashtags, but if your’e going to do it then at least come up with a better name for Justin and Diana instead of #TeamGreen. They have such a great story! Why not #TeamViral or #TeamSuperfan or something?

– It cracked me up that everybody had to change into skimpy bathing suits even if they picked the puzzle Detour.