How to Get Away with Murder “It’s Time to Move On” Review (Season 2 Premiere)


Answers! More questions! Even more lies! Catfights! Annalise’s club wig! Jean Grey! Frank shirtless! A big-ass mansion!

Welcome to How to Get Away with Murder Season 2!

I can’t be the only one who needs a diagram of all that happened in the premiere. It’s an even more tangled web than before, and I’m curious if Pete Nowalk and company will be able to continue to weave a coherent picture while maintaining the cuckoo bananas pace.

And is it still cuckoo bananas.

To recap
– Bonnie was revealed to be Rebecca’s murderer. Annalise confrots her about it.
– Nobody else (that we know of) besides Frank himself knows that he killed Lila
– Asher is still in the dark about everything but has become an unintentional mole to the ADA due to some dirt she has on him
– Laurel correctly deduced that Rebecca is dead
– Michaela texted back Eggs911
– Connor moved in with Oliver
– Annalise and co took on a case of two young adults who may or may not have killed their adoptive parents (and possibly their aunt too)
– Famke Jannsen is playing Eve, Nate’s new lawyer. Oh, and she’s also a former lover of Annalise. In fact, Annalise left Eve for Sam.
– Someone other than the Keating 5 spoke in class
– Annalise has a club wig and likes to dance

So “night of the bonfire and the twirling cheerleader” now becomes “night of Annalise bleeding out on the floor.” And like Season 1’s murder night, it looks like we’re going to get flashes of our new OMFG moment as everything in the present catches up.

Let’s start with what didn’t surprise me.
– I was not surprised in the least that Bonnie offed Rebecca. Considering everyone thought she killed Lila last season it wasn’t a stretch to see this play out. Frank may be the hitman, but Bonnie isn’t far off. Liza Weil was fantastic in the moments leading up to it: composed, determined, and pretty messed up. Bonnie must have realized that Annalise was going to figure it out sooner or later though right? I mean she just left the body in the basement.
– Famke Janssen aka Eve is Nate’s new lawyer. Once Janssen was announced, I had an idea that the number on the card Annalise handed to Nate was going to belong to her. Like Bonnie, it seems Eve has a very co-dependent relationship with Annalise (more on the other aspect of this below in the ‘what did surprise me’ section).
– Laurel put two and two together regarding Rebecca. Who would have thought the wallflower would become the most adept detective and liar of the bunch?
– Michaela is still cracking under the pressure. How long before Eggs911 makes an appearance? Do you think it’s someone we already know?
– Poor Asher digging himself into a bigger hole because he’s a 5th wheel.
– You just have to roll with the punches plot wise. Why didn’t Steven Culp’s lawyer question his associate who brought him the flash drive? He knew Annalise was involved. Why not just show his associate pictures of Annalise’s co-workers to deduce a connection? He’d still need physical proof that the interaction happened, but I bet some courtroom cameras could place Laurel in at the right time. Again, it’s something an audience member must let go to allow the rest of the plot continue to move. This won’t be the last time it happens.

And what me say “oh snap!”
– Eve is a former lover of Annalise. Now the thing I find more interesting than Eve being a woman is that this revelation continues the pattern of Annalise forming these toxic, co-dependent relationships. And that ties in especially with Bonnie’s murder of Rebecca. Whether it was out of loyalty to Annalise, love of Sam, both, or even love of Annalise, the icy blonde is proof of how hard it is to leave the fearless leader’s orbit. Perhaps Annalise is right, maybe she does ruin everyone she knows. Or is the ruin already there? Eve, a former lover of Annalise is defending Nate, another former lover, for the murder of Annalise’s husband who was killed by Annalise’s student who has Oedipal tendencies. THAT IS MESSED UP.
– AND FINALLY: our closing scene is Annalise bleeding out in that huge mansion. Right before that we are shown Wes outside. Now nothing on HTGAWM is what it seems so what are the possibilities? Wes could have done the deed. He could also have witnessed it and then decided to go after the one responsible. Or maybe he doesn’t even know what has happened to Annalise because he’s doing something else on the mansion grounds. Either way it looks like the case involving the murder of the adoptive parents is going to be a thread through at least the first half of the season.

Do you think we’ll find out how Annalise got in this predicament by the fall finale? Or will it be like the case of Lila and go through the whole season? I won’t be doing weekly reviews this time but will be back for the end of the first half. Hopefully at least 3 new students will have the chance to answer a question in the classroom by then.