Heroes Reborn Season Premiere “Brave New World/Odessa” Review (Season 1 Episode 1)

Previously on Heroes, a show that had one of the best first seasons I’ve ever watched had become a hot, indiscernible mess and abruptly ended without any proper closure. I sat at home, staring blankly at the Heroes finale thinking . . .


When I first learned of Heroes Reborn, I immediately swore it off. I could not fathom returning back to a series that left me so disappointed. And then Comic Con happened . . .

I ended up sitting in on the Heroes Reborn panel at Comic Con and a simple preview enticed me with a few familiar faces, including


Words could never capture my feelings for Future!Hiro. HE. IS. EVERYTHING! I wanted to resist and then this face appeared . . .


I was suddenly full of “save the cheerleader, save the world” nostalgia and just like that, I was back on board to watch the reboot.

So How Did Brave New World/Odessa Fare?

To begin, there are aspects of the show that are STUNNING! The scenes in Los Angeles were gorgeous and the settings in Japan were so lively and colorful. I love that the show endeavored to introduce viewers to new characters, while still giving fans of the Heroes series reminders of the original show, like the music and watching Jose phase through solid materials like D.L. Of course, I enjoyed seeing familiar faces, but please don’t bring back beloved characters and then kill them off! I should have known the Haitian was a goner when we learned his first name. I can’t believe they killed, Rene! You bastards! If Noah Bennett is killed, I will not riot, but I will absolutely stop watching this show. And who the hell is going to be Noah’s trusted partner without Rene? Quentin is a great ally, but he is not built for that HRG life.

What I didn’t love so much about the premise of the new show was the idea that Luke and Joanne are just killing “EVOs” in cold blood. It’s such an extreme measure and a bit jarring to watch. Killing off the EVOs feels like a cheap shortcut around having to deal with building a set to accommodate the old “bag and tag” approach. They were prepared to kill a kid! I can’t buy into any of amount of pain or loss that would justify killing people in cold blood, so I find myself frustrated with the two characters at the moment. I hope that they’ll consider coming over to the Noah Bennett/Angela Petrelli way of doing things, which was comprised mostly of secrets, lies and only the occasional murder.

It took me awhile to warm up to Tommy’s storyline, but I’m invested. I can’t help, but wonder if the writers ever considered how creepy it would be to have a strange man following a young boy around in a car. I suspect that Tommy must be important to someone’s plans, which would explain why he has a shadow who is willing to let Joanne and Luke kill other EVOs. It would have been interesting to see what Tommy’s shadow would have done if Joanne and Luke took him away in their car.

The episode wrapped with Noah in pursuit of Molly, the revelation that Molly is key to some secret plan to monetize the EVOs (that can’t be good) and that Molly has been captured by an EVO. If this is a profit-driven plan, I can understand why the woman with the ability to turn objects into gold was on the run.

The show ended with one set of characters on the Molly Walker track and the other set all off on their own adventures. It will be interesting to see how this all comes together. Tommy, Miko and Carlos all feel so disconnected from the Molly Walker thread. I’m a little worried for Carlos, as Joanne and Luke appear to be headed his way.

Overall, I liked the episode. The writers could have mainstreamed things a bit. I have some concerns about sheer volume of characters introduced in just the first two hours of the show, but I’m entertained enough to stick it out for now. I could watch an entire episode of Miko and Ren alone.

Heroes Reborn Wish List

1. Embrace The Good From Heroes: Heroes Reborn definitely captured some of the best parts of Heroes. I loved that the show embraced diversity and took viewers all around the world. All of the stuff with Ando and Hiro was great in the original series and I loved that you could catch an episode of Heroes and hear the characters speak English, Japanese and Spanish. I’m excited that the Heroes Reborn writers have returned to Japan as a backdrop for one of the characters. Those were among my favorite moments during the season premiere.

2. Keep (Most Of) The Cameos Coming: I feel pretty firmly invested in most of the new characters, so I think it is completely possible to weave in familiar faces without it detracting from the show’s new direction. As much as I love Zachary Quinto, the volume of powers amassed by Skylar was completely out of hand. He had an endless amount of abilities and the writers could never quite figure out what to do with them.

3. Be Heroes, Not Strangers: Remember how much I said I loved that the characters were located all across the world? Indeed, I do. However, there must be a balance between exploring the characters in their home towns and not taking too long to get them all in one place – even if it is just one or two characters interacting with each other on occasion. Do you remember how darned long we waited for that confrontation in New York City in the first season of Heroes? It was more than TWENTY episodes!

4. Wrap! It! Up! As you can see from the opening of this review, I have not quite moved past the trauma of not having a proper ending to the Heroes series. Heroes Reborn has been introduced as a limited series run, which I hope will compel the writers to create storylines this season that feel as though they have a proper conclusion. It would be great if the series did well and got a second season, but I hope the show is written in a way that does not contemplate having another season to wrap up storylines.

Until Next Time!

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