Grey’s Anatomy “Sledgehammer” Review (Season 12 Episode 1)

Two teenage girls get hit by a train? Must mean that Grey’s Anatomy is back! And I think Shonda and company may have broken their record for bringing me to tears last night when I learned that the train wreck with the girls was no accident. Heartbreaking. I love that Shondaland embraces diversity of all kinds and continues to tell stories involving LGBTQ characters. I managed to compose myself and then Maggie opens up about being bullied. Locked overnight in the janitor’s closet? That is AWFUL!

I had my fair share of issues with Grey’s Anatomy last season. The handling of Derek’s death was a hot mess, but I was really excited about the direction of the show by the season’s end. I loved the idea of Meredith, Maggie and Amelia representing a new direction for the show. Based on the opening scene, there may be a few personality conflicts Amelia and Meredith may need to work through. I’m kinda peeved the writers did not allow the us to see Maggie, Amelia and Meredith drinking tequila, talking about taking down a wall and Meredith exclaiming, “tear the bitch down!” We got a pretty good consolation prize with Maggie punching a homophobic parent and the gang all rallying around her.

And then there’s poor Bailey. The upshot is, Chandra Wilson is getting something to do, which is always a good thing. I loved her speech about her passion for the hospital and it was fun to watch Ben give her the kick in the pants she needed to show why she was the obvious choice for chief resident.

Although I loved that the writers found a way to get the message about homophobia and bullying into the various episode plots, the final scene with Jo and Alex felt a little too on the nose. I suspect, however, that Alex’s story was also included as the first step into really getting to know him. This season is supposed to focus more on Alex and Jo. I still feel pretty indifferent towards Stephanie and Jo, but I did really enjoy hearing Stephanie inform Arizona of her legendary reputation at the hospital. I had forgotten that Arizona had survived so many tragedies, which is so classic Grey’s Anatomy. I’m glad that the writers could have a little fun with how ridiculous it is for these characters to have endured so much misery and trauma.

The weak spot of the episode was the April/Jackson stuff. It was minimal this week, so it did not detract from how much I enjoyed the episode overall. I would love for the couple to sort things out and move on as quickly as possible, but I suspect this storyline may be more of a slow burn and I am not enthusiastic about that at all.

Overall, this was a great start to the twelfth season. I actually feel a bit on edge, as I wonder who among this group will have to endure heartache this season. It’s pretty clear that this season will further explore the relationships between Alex/Jo and April/Jackson, but surely they will not be the only characters who will be endure the occasional struggle this season. I hope the writers will at least give Meredith and Amelia a well-earned break. I would be totally satisfied with watching Meredith, Amelia, Maggie and Callie drinking tequila and having a good time, but it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy if that’s all that happened.

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