Scorpion “Satellite of Love” Review (Season 2 Episode 1)

Scorpion 3

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” after an extended hiatus away from one another, the team reunited once again when Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) got the call that they were needed once again for a new crisis. In this case, it revolved around a “Satellite of Love”- cue the Lou Reed! (Interestingly, it was not the first Lou tribute of the evening, as his classic “Perfect Day” cropped up on the “Gotham” premiere as well.)

In addition to the new case, the team had a new boss as well, to replace the grumpy Merrick, one Adriana Molina (Alana De La Garza, late of “Forever” and “CSI: Miami”), who claimed she was 100% on their sides and wanted them to know she was completely at their disposal. Though skeptical at first, understandably, the team saw that she was a woman of her word quickly enough when she pulled all manners of strings throughout the day to get them whatever they needed, come hell or high water.

Naturally, this didn’t stop Walter (Elyes Gabel) from being his usual cantankerous self, but as per usual, Paige (Katharine McPhee) was there to defuse any potential fallout from all the potential bombs going off because of his iffy behavior, keeping him in check at all times. Needless to say, that’s a full time job in and of itself, but to Paige’s credit, she also spent the downtime studying business and team dynamics, in hopes of rectifying any problems they might have in the future.

On the negative side, part of what she discovered is that romantic issues can also cause problems whenever a team is concerned. Imagine that! Not that, of course, Paige and Walter let it stop them from kissing at the end of the episode, so we’ll see how that goes for them in the future. I’m guessing they’re pretty doomed if they think they can continue to put all that on the backburner, but we’ll see.

The main case was to figure out how to stop a rapidly descending satellite- hence the title, although there wasn’t much “love” involved on this side of things, unlike the rest of the episode, what with Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) also experiencing trouble in paradise, romance-wise. If the team couldn’t stop it, then there was a distinct possibility the satellite could kill millions of innocent people when it crash landed in California.

Unfortunately, Walter in particular was off his game for the most part, as he was not only still healing, in terms of his hand- thus limiting the amount of work he could do in terms of computer skills- but he was also experiencing intense headaches that would nearly cause him to faint in times of stress, and there was a lot to stress over in this case. Because of that, the team struggled in key moments which nearly cost them dearly, but as ever, they pulled it out in the end.

While the show admittedly went back into relatively familiar rhythms eventually, it was clear that they weren’t completely out of the woods, either, especially on Walter’s end. I think it’s going to take a little time before they’re completely back to fighting form, but in the meantime, all’s well that ends well.

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My favorite part, barring the amusing, if out-of-nowhere Gene Simmons (!) cameo at the beginning, had to be the bit where Walter and Paige were sky high in a weather balloon and had to work together in order to pull off their objectives, with danger at every turn. No sooner was one crisis averted than another reared its ugly head, and it made for a pretty intense sequence, with both Paige and Walter nearly plummeting to their doom at several key points. In the end, though, they managed to do what needed to be done and cling together as they parachuted down back to safety.

Granted, it’s not as if they were going to kill off either one, least of all in the premiere, but the sequence was just riveting and exciting enough to make you forget that, if only momentarily. As ever, I have no idea if the actual science and tech sides of things were remotely plausible, but it seemed to make a fair amount of sense overall to this layman. I’ll leave it to the experts out there to determine how authentic the scenario was, however, and feel free to chime in on that end in the comments section.

Beyond that, there was also a nice bit with Toby saving Happy’s eyesight in one eye after she got a shock trying to build an EMP device, and I liked it when Molina took charge of the situation when security types tried to stop Sly from doing his computer thing. I actually like that they went in a new direction with the boss being supportive, as the whole angry boss thing is kind of played out. At the same time, the show made it clear that it wasn’t going to stop the team from occasionally bumping heads with her, particularly on Walter’s end, though I suspect that had more to do with his frustration with himself than with their new boss.

All in all, a pretty solid premiere, filled with action and lots of twists and turns. Although the show didn’t mix things up that much in the grand scheme of things, it did at least, make it clear that it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing for a lot of the not-so-happy couples in the near-future, which is a relief. I thought one of the bigger problems about the first season was how quickly the show went into couples overdrive, pairing off literally every main character on the show, save Cabe. (I half expected some arbitrary matching off of him as well, after a certain point, but thankfully, they didn’t go there as of yet.)

What did you think of “Scorpion” this week? Did you find the main case interesting? Did the team’s ideas seem logical and plausible to you? Are you glad they put a brake on all the romance for now? What did you make of the new team overseer? How about that Simmons cameo? Sound off on this and more down below, and I’ll see you next week!