‘Chasing Life’ Ready Or Not Review (Season 2 Episode 12)

Chasing Life April Just Wants to Have Fun Episode 15 08

A lot of life changing events took place in Chasing Life’s penultimate episode. With a fitting title, “Ready or Not,” the night had all of the resident characters facing their futures. The best part of the episode, was seeing April return back to her persistent self, even if she did resort to some desperate behavior.

The Book Deal

The return of April’s college arch enemy, Ellie Pratt, was great! She was competitive, a dirty player whose social media techniques made me laugh. But when she started shopping around a memoir based on her own skin cancer scare – for a second she thought she had herpes — it was on for April. Suddenly she reverted back to her old ways, faking seizures to get into a place she no longer has a valid press pass for so that she could beat Ellie to the punch. Dom’s reaction to April’s fake seizure really showed his true feelings for her.

Raquel also made an appearance in the episode. For a second, I really thought she was going to help April not leak her book online. In the end, though, it helped April nab the book deal she wanted!

Brenna and Finn Take It To The Next Level

I can’t help but route for these two, even if they shouldn’t be kissing. Seeing them go to the ball was cute with the exception of the after party where their pretentious couple friend offers them up a bedroom and after party kit complete with a condom and what looked like mints. Does this really happen now a-days?

Beth Is What?

Wow! I didn’t see this coming, and just as she made a leap in her career and wrapped up her relationship with Graham. Now she’s going to be a mom, but who will be the dad? And just when April moved in. Judging by the timing, the showrunners will most likely leave us hanging until next season to find out what Beth will end up doing.