Blindspot “Pilot” Review

Blindspot - Season Pilot

Blindspot was one of the few (and I mean few) new fall shows whose premise and trailer tickled my fancy. And guess what, the pilot did its job. I will be tuning in again next week. More importantly, I think it’s a great showcase for Jaimie Alexander. Let’s be honest, there is not enough Sif in the Thor films. That being the case, Alexander more than held her own letting her talent, humor, and charisma (no small feat next to Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Anthony Hopkins) shine through. What Blindspot now gives her is her own character as the driving force behind an engaging story. And as long as the focus centers on Jane, I see no problem in why it can’t succeed. There is a suspension of belief that must be held to truly accept everything going on, but then again that’s the case with most television (especially procedural dramas) nowadays. What did you think? Is this a good vehicle for Alexander to anchor? Are you on board with some of the crazy semantics? Or is a tattooed amnesiac woman, who happens to be a great shot, remembering a random dialect of Chinese just too much?

More Thoughts as I Wish for a Sif/Heimdall Buddy Movie

– I cannot stress enough my hope that Blindspot’s use of Jane will be as a character and not a plot device. She can be both but not just the latter. The final moments thankfully hinted at more. Jane didn’t look to be under duress when she decided to undergo the procedure yet at the same time she said she had no choice. Was this to save a loved one? Her country? I hope the flashbacks we are privy to will include not just Jane remembering physical skills but personal, emotional moments as well. And Alexander can convey both very well.

– Having never seen Strike Back, I can’t comment on Sullivan Stapleton other than he acquitted himself well here with what he was given. That being said, I hope his Kurt Weller is able to loosen up a bit because I think Stapleton could play that easily.

– On the supporting end, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Ashley Johnson, and Ukweli Roach stood out. Jean-Baptiste is the perfect actor to play a commanding authority figure who just happens to be involved with murder and embezzlement (that is going to be a fun plot thread to follow). Johnson has grown up on the screen since Growing Pains and is always a pleasure to see. And Roach’s Dr. Borden made an impact in his few scenes showing just the right amount of empathy and curiosity.

– So… who is the bearded man? He was in Jane’s forest flashback, killed Chou, and gave her the drug that started this whole shebang. Who does he work for? CIA? FBI? Some terrorist organization? Treadstone? The Weapon X program?

– Speaking of Treadstone and the Weapon X Program… yes Jane is very much akin to a female Jason Bourne (though our government isn’t chasing her yet; I say give it time), but also *drumroll* Wolverine! Let’s not forget that everyone’s favorite cranky, beer-drinking mutant has is own crazy set of special skills and amnesia problems (well, technically not anymore due to the events of House of M, but you get the picture). Even more, the climax of the first X-Men took place inside the Statue of Liberty with Wolverine as a main part of the action.

– As of now, the show looks like it will be a procedural with the overarching story of who tattooed Jane and why. I’ll be curious if the procedural aspect is dropped at some point. Should the show get a full season, do you think it will all be solved by then? And Season 2 could then revolve around a whole new scenario (like Jane being on the run)? Or will Blindspot be like 99% of what’s on the air and run everything into the ground?