Cedar Cove “Getting to Know You” Review (Season 3, Episode 10) (Season Finale – Part 1)

Cast Photo Cedar Cove

The first part of the two-part season finale of Cedar Cove found all of the characters dealing with some tough decisions.

Let’s take a look at all that happened in tonight’s episode:

• Jack is moving into Olivia’s house; and Olivia is hoping that her brother Will will be moving out;
• Grace and Cliff are bickering over the plans for their impending wedding – Cliff wants something simple at his ranch but Grace wants something a bit more grand;
• Luke tells Justine that he is leaving Cedar Cove for a few days because he needs some time alone;
• Warren is still trying to figure out a way to double cross is dad and get him out Cedar Cove;
• Paul learns from Bob that Jack is moving in with Olivia; and then he learns that Olivia asked Jack to move in;
• Rebecca is going off the rails after being suspended, thinking about a new future outside of the law rather than just going to Paul to ask for her job back;
• Jack is dealing with new upstart Eddie (who is a little too cocky for his own good) – the rookie kid who paper owner David is forcing on Jack as his second in command;
• Gloria admits to Roy that she is his daughter;
• Jon is back in town, telling MaryEllen that he has gotten funding for the restaurant they wanted to open in town and he proposes;
• Justine learns that Luke is re-enlisting from Derek; and,
• Olivia learns that former District Attorney Anthony is coming back to his old job and Paul is leaving.

So much going on, right? Well, it is the season finale so it only makes sense; and with so many characters in this show there has to be a lot of intense storylines for all of them or at least most of them.

Here are my thoughts on just some of those storylines:

Olivia and Jack – I think that despite her initial worries that she doesn’t really know Jack as well as she should or wants to, Jack isn’t going to let her go and thankfully he told her that he wants her to help him open up more. I have a feeling they will have a lasting relationship – as long as she doesn’t over-worry about Paul’s departure from Cedar Cove.

Justine and Luke – It only makes sense that Luke – who has a tendency not to stay in one place for too long – would want to bolt especially after Justine told him that she loves him; but going back into the service. I guess once a Navy guy always a Navy guy; but I have a feeling that he may regret that decision.

Paul – Speaking of regretting a decision, I think Paul is simply running away from Cedar Cove because of his unadmitted feelings for Olivia, the same way he left the East Coast to get away from all his baggage with his ex-wife.

Warren and Buck (and Alex) – The Saget father and son are always, it seems, going to be at odds; but Warren just takes it to a new level every single time; and it’s kind of annoying. I think it’s time for the boy to grow up and move on. And, kudos to Alex for not letting an opportunity pass her by and for one-upping Warren.

Grace and Cliff – I really like this couple and I want to see them have their happy ending. Hopefully – much like the suggestion made to them by Peggy – they can find a middle ground for their wedding.

What are your thoughts on part one of the season finale? What do you think about Gloria’s revelation to Roy about being his daughter? What do you think will happen between Grace and Cliff? Will their wedding go off without a hitch? What do you think Justine will do to Luke? Please share your thoughts below.

And make sure to watch the second part of the two-part season finale of ‘Cedar Cove’ on the Hallmark Channel next Saturday, September 26 at 8/7c.

Andie MacDowell as Olivia Lockhart
Dylan Neal as Jack Griffith
Teryl Rothery as Grace Sherman
Sarah Smyth as Justine Lockhart
Brennan Elliott as Warren Saget
Barbara Niven as Peggy Beldon
Bruce Boxleitner as Bob Beldon

Guest stars:
Colin Ferguson as Paul Watson
Timothy Webber as Moon
Elyse Levesque as MaryEllen Sherman
Sebastian Spence as Cliff Harting
Cameron Bancroft as Will Jeffers
Jesse Hutch as Luke Bailey
Rebecca Marshall as Alex Baldwin
Tom Butler as Warren “Buck” Saget, Sr.
Cindy Busby as Rebecca Jennings
Anna Van Hooft as Linnette Macaffe
Mike Dopud as Roy Macaffe
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Corrie Macaffe
Giles Panton as John
Chris Martin as Anthony
Bruce Dawson as David
Tara Wilson as Gloria
Andrew Francis as Derek
Adam DiMarco as Eddie