Chasing Life “First Person” Review (Season 2 Episode 11)

Chasing Life

The Carver ladies looked a lot like their former selves from season one in last night’s episode of Chasing Life entitled “First Person.” April was closed off and angry, Sara was feeling frustrated with her daughters and angry at her dead husband and George while Brenna was tired and upset over getting the back burner.

It was eye opening to see them revert for just one night. It makes you realize how far all three have come in the last season and a half. And luckily by the close of the episode, the ladies had found inner piece and a stronger bond once again. On to the happenings of the night…

April is certain no one really wants to hear the truth about how she is feeling, and rather than share (with the exception of her cancer group), she thinks keeping things to herself is the best way. Why unload all of her crap on someone else? The silver lining in this all is that she can understand her father’s decision to hide his ALS diagnosis. Her decision to keep things in also ruins her ribbon cutting speech at Leo’s camp opening. “He’s a good guy,” she tells the crowd before leaving Dom behind to be alone. Her bad and sulky mood is cut short though when she meets a camp goer who changes her mind about holding it all in. Sometimes perspective comes from the most unlikely of places.

Meanwhile, Sara is worried that Natalie is spilling the Carver family secrets to the police. After repeatedly calling April, Sara never gets through. She is also trying to keep the girls away from George following his secret that he helped his brother die. Talk about a major plot change. I really thought that Sara and George would end up together, not become estranged.

It was equally surprising to see Brenna bring a whole new meaning to bitch slap. Wow, I didn’t think she would lash out at that girl with a book to the face, but the girl did insult her sexuality while making Brenna feel threatened about Finn. Her kiss with Finn later on in the night was great! Beth also seems to be having luck in the love department with her new boyfriend, who looks to be sticking around for the long haul. Watching her tell her boss to go fly a kite was great! But like all feel good episodes of Chasing Life, the night took a mysterious turn with Natalie and her mom strolling the beach.