Z Nation – They’re Baaaaaaaack!

Murphy, Roberta - Z Nation

Warning – spoilers abound in the article below!

Greetings neeks (geeks and nerds)! This is a great time to be alive if you are into sci-fi, fantasy, or horror. All media – TV, movies, books – are rife with content aimed at us. I for one am savoring every single minute of it and hoping the trend continues.

Among the plethora of TV programs available for our viewing pleasure is a gem called Z Nation on Syfy. The second season just premiered on Friday, Sept. 11, and to quote the promos; “It’s the Apocalypse – Let’s Have Some Fun!” For those of you unfamiliar with this program – and why is that? – you must start watching it! It has everything you want – zombies, humor, snark, and did I mention zombies?

I would also like to add that I love The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead on AMC. However those shows are very different from Z Nation, and I see nothing wrong with that – in fact, it would get boring if every show were the same. Give me variety!

I do want to be clear that my purpose here is not to compare the different shows. Let’s take a look at why Z Nation needs to be on your must see TV list!


Murphy - Z Nation

One of the main characters of the program, Murphy is actually a very pivotal character. In the premiere episode of season one, he was a prisoner being experimented on as scientists desperately searched for a cure to the zombie plague. He was involuntarily injected with a serum, and then when the zombies over-ran the prison, and attacked him, their bites did not infect or kill him. He was the first and only person to survive a zombie bite.

Because of this, the focus of the program has been to transport him to a working CDC lab so that they can further analyze his blood and figure out why he survived. Of course the journey has not been easy. And, to complicate things even more, as the first season progressed it became obvious that Murphy was not quite 100% human anymore. He appeared to be slowly turning into a human-zombie hybrid.

Murphy also has a difficult personality – probably understandable, considering that he was a non-violent criminal who was forced to undergo testing with no say in the matter. In fact, the testing on prisoners was very unsuccessful, resulting in the death of many subjects. It is easy to understand why Murphy would not care about saving humanity!


Z Nation - Liberty Bell

If you have read any of my articles, you likely know that I live for snark. Most of my favorite characters are snarky, and most of my favorite shows include a generous dose of it! So, please believe me when I say that Z Nation delivers on the snark big time.

Murphy gets many of the best lines, but the rest of the characters also get their due when it comes to snark. In the first season, for instance, while driving through Philadelphia they used the Liberty Bell to kill a whole bunch of zombies, and then one characters states what we were all thinking “I’d pay money to see that again!”

Zombie Action

Roberta - Z Nation

The zombies in Z Nation are not the shuffling type we have come to expect after watching so many seasons of The Walking Dead. Nope – these zombies are capable of running after you – which I personally find extremely frightening! Oh, and did I mention that animals can get infected on this program? Yes, we have seen zombie dogs and a zombie bear!

And of course, if you have zombies, you must have action. This show delivers. As in any apocalypse, bullets quickly become luxuries, and other weapons must be employed. No one on Z Nation carries a katana or a crossbow, but Addy has a sweet baseball bat with spikes on the end and Roberta carries what looks like a machete. Hand to hand combat with zombies occurs on a regular basis. But, even better is the fact that bullets also appear to defy the laws of physics and can be seen taking out multiple zombies.


Z Nation - Zombienado

Typically, you would not expect humor in an apocalyptic world. The Walking Dead and its spin off Fear the Walking Dead certainly depict all of the gravitas and hardship that you would expect in an apocalypse. Those characters hardly ever smile, and as a regular viewer, I can say my behavior is the same while viewing.

Not so for Z Nation! Oh, no – this show has humor. It is perfect as mindless, silly entertainment – for zombie fans – after a rough week is over! There are so many humorous moments I cannot mention them all, but let me illustrate my point with a few. In one episode the zombies were in a pharmaceutical factory, which resulted in them being hopped up on speed and of all things, Viagra! Yep, they went there. The Z Nation characters comments on that were hysterical! Z Nation has given us a zombie-nado and zunami. Yes, you read that right! They are not afraid to go where no zombie show has gone before for laughs!


Have you been watching Z Nation? Did you just start now? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below!