Continuum “Lost Hours” Review (Season 4, Episode 1)

Continuum - Season 4

It’s been over a year since we last saw Continuum on our screens and, following a season of the show that ended with somewhat of a reset, that’s both a blessing and a curse going into this 6-episode final run. A blessing because there’s a definite sense of it having cleared away some of the plot debris that had been building and building, and a curse because this is still Continuum, and it’s hard to quite remember where we are.

But to my great surprise, it’s actually comprehensible again, even in spite of the time gap and knowledge that there’s only five hours left to wrap up the story. Welcome back, Continuum, we missed you.

We begin where we left off, with Kiera and Brad greeting the Powersuits, Kellogg having taken over Alec’s company and Emily being released from prison by an increasingly haggard looking Carlos. I say haggard in the most general sense, of course, because Victor Webster is looking dashing as always.

It seems that our gang have merely traded one terrifying future for another, and this time everyone bar Kellogg is more or less working for the good guys. Kiera’s truce with Liber8 and reconciliation with Alec mean that she has a considerable amount of fire power on her side, but it might not mean much if she can’t prevent future Kellogg and Brad’s former team from persuading present-day Kellogg to start fulfilling his ‘dark destiny’.

The opening action sequence was great and had a real video-game feel to it, but the moment I knew we had Continuum back at its best was the flash to 2080. Was it a dream? Has everything we’ve been watching for four seasons been real? We of course know the answer, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating to wonder, or that the show decided to briefly pose the question at all.

The ‘it’s all a dream!’ move would be a real cop-out and betrayal of the audience, but I imagine the knowledge that Kiera’s tech goes into a detailed simulation program while she recovers from head trauma will come back before we’re done. Keep an eye out, folks, I sense the rug’s going to get pulled out from under us.

But it pushes Kiera to realise that she still wants to return home to her family, and we’re back to her quest to reunite with her son as the emotional throughline of the show. It was gone for a while, and both the character and the show felt a little emptier for it. No, we’re back where we started, and that also applies to Kiera’s relationships with Carlos and Alec. It’s a comforting feeling, but also makes me excited for what’s to come over the next few weeks.

Similarly, Kellogg was always going to be the show’s final boss, and the question now is whether it’ll be the one we’ve known all along or this new future version? As tedious as it was to watch two Alec’s battle it out last season, two Kellogg’s wouldn’t be as much of a problem. It would have been a shame for Kellogg to suddenly become evil incarnate for the final season, as he’s always lived in the grey-est of grey areas. That thankfully looks set to continue.

Liber8, Alec, Kiera and seemingly also Julian (a nice surprise, given Richard Harmon’s role on The 100) have all worked out where their moral boundaries are at this point, and it’s been messy. Now it’s Kellogg’s turn, and I’ll be fascinated to see him either accept or reject the future that’s apparently mapped out for him.

As said, there’s not much time left, but we’ve got plenty to deal with between now and the series finale. Emily’s been taken, Liber8 have been tasked with taking out Kellogg and Alec is working to finally send Kiera home. Then there’s Carlos, who just looks like he needs a good nap. Hang in there, Carlos, not long left now.