Chasing Life “Bottle of Secrets” Review (Season 2 Episode 10)

Chasing Life George's Secret

It has been weeks in the making, but we finally found out what Thomas Carver was hiding all of this time in Chasing Life’s episode “Bottle of Secrets.” The episode was great because it had us guessing alongside Brenna, April and Natalie the entire night.

The Snow Storm

Aside from perfectly portraying what it feels like to deal with a majorly messy Boston snow storm, the show kicked off with the Carver ladies (minus Grandma), Natalie, Beth, George and May all stuck in a house together overnight as the wait out Storm Pam. For Natalie and April, the night was spent trying to find out the truth about their father, why he went to Baltimore, and whether or not he may have had a third family.

Meanwhile, Brenna thinks they are both crazy as she shoots random video footage throughout the evening. Sara is annoyed with April’s prying while George insists that looking for Thomas’ manuscript in his luggage is an inconvenience. While all of this is going down Beth is having mixed emotions about April and indulging in some tequila while Natalie pushes April to keep digging. It was annoying to see her use April’s journalism talents against her, but it did work. Encouraging April to get down to the bottom of things.

Thomas Carver’s True Identity

Finally, after dodging questions all night, Uncle George unloads a monster of a secret he has been keeping since Thomas’ death. His big brother had ALS and he aided Thomas’ in his death when he allowed Thomas’ to run himself head on into a tree. The scene made you feel for Thomas, who just wanted to help his brother, and (for me) made Natalie a threat after she referred to George as a murderer. Her comment about money also made it clear that she was bitter about being left nothing. Things take an interesting turn when Beth discovers after the storm that Natalie took all of her things and disappeared.

Will Natalie tell the police about George’s actions? Why do you think she ultimately took off? Was it the money?