Defiance’s Third Season – Is the End Near?

T'evgin, Kindzi, Alak, Stahma, Datak, Irisa, Nolan, Yewll, Rahm - Defiance

Greetings sci-fi fans! What a summer we have had – with a bountiful supply of programming to feed our interests and take us to fantastical places and scenarios! The summer season is mostly over – there are a few straggler shows, but most have wrapped for the season.

The finale for the third season of Defiance aired on August 28. As of this writing, the status of a fourth season is up in the air. With those two things in mind, I would like to look back at the third season of Defiance and then ahead to a possible future. Spoiler warning, I will be discussing everything including the season three finale of Defiance.

In the Beginning…

Defiance - Season 3

The third season of Defiance started off with a particularly brutal and devastating series of events. We were introduced to Rahm Tak, a rogue Votanis Collective General, who decided that humans needed to be eliminated from the face of the earth. His next step on this crusade was of course Defiance, whose defense shield was down due to a loss of power brought on by the collapse of the mines at the end of the second season.

On his way to Defiance, Rahm runs across Datak and Stahma Tarr and Rafe McCawley, who were searching for Alak, Christie and Luke Tarr. Tak promptly takes them all captive.

Meanwhile, Alak, Christie and baby Luke, who had been kidnapped by Rafe’s wife Pilar, were being held captive in a house somewhere outside Defiance. When Rahm’s convoy also manages to run across the house, nothing good comes of it. In fact, it leads to the death of Quentin, Rafe and Christie McCawley in pretty rapid succession. To make matters worse, Stahma was forced to kill Christie in order to save the life of her grandson, Luke.

The Omec

T'evgin and Kindzi - Defiance

The first episode also introduces a new alien species to the world of Defiance. The Omec were thought to have been wiped out by the Votanis collective when they sent saboteurs to blow up their ark ships before they departed, but one ark ship survived and managed to follow the signal to earth. The majority of the Omec remained in stasis while the commander, T’evgin and his daughter, Kindzi, sought out gulanite to power the ship, where power reserves were dangerously low.

The Omec were hated and feared because for thousands of years they had enslaved and fed on other Votanis races. Their brutality was legendary, and their arrival caused quite an upheaval in Defiance. It became necessary to work with them, however, because they had technology to mine gulanite from the collapsed mines.

Irisa and Nolan

Irisa and Nolan -  Defiance

During the third season, we found out that Irisa was not a fearsome warrior, but rather a reluctant warrior. She had a lifetime of resentment built up against Nolan for forcing her to learn to kill, and not only started to refuse to fight, but also developed a kind of traumatic disorder where she was incapable of killing. Nolan could no longer count on her to have his back in a fight!

Some of this was also the result of the events that happened at the end of season two, where she basically wiped out New York and the Earth Republic. Granted, it was not her fault since she was being controlled by the Kaziri, but she blamed herself nonetheless. She was perhaps more perturbed that she was not blamed for what happened, but instead had been rebranded as a folk hero during the time she and Nolan were missing in the sleeper pod.

The Tarr Family

Alak, Stahma and Datak Tarr - Defiance

Major players during season three, the Tarr family, who are among my personal favorites, experienced trauma at almost every turn. Starting with the horror of Stahma being forced to kill Christie, their path as a family became very difficult and harrowing as the season progressed.

To briefly recap, they were forced by Rahm Tak to betray Defiance and blow up the Arch, as well as other acts of sabotage in order to keep Alak alive. When Alak escaped Rahm’s camp, the truth was revealed and Alak made it very clear he did not forgive his parents, in particular his mother. It took the final attack of Kindzi and the threat of harm to baby Luke to eventually reunite the family in a fragile peace.

…And So It Ends?

Yewll and Nolan - Defiance

I firmly hope that Defiance will be given a fourth season. At the end of season three, two of our major characters have left in a spaceship – yes, Defiance has gone into space! I would like to know what adventures await them on their journey.

Will they find a new home for the Omec currently in stasis on the ship? Will the Omec be able to adapt and follow the lead established by T’evgin – to abandon their fearsome and brutal ways? Will Nolan and Doc Yewll, another of my personal favorites, make it back to Defiance from the unknown reaches of space? These are all questions that inquiring minds want answers to!


Do you have any thoughts on the third season of Defiance? Any favorite moments? Are you hoping for a fourth season for the show? Sound off in the comments section below!