POLL: Falling Skies – How Do You Feel About The End?

Tom Mason, Anne Mason, John Pope - Falling Skies

Spoiler alert – if you have not see the series finale of Falling Skies, you might want to bookmark this article and come back after viewing!

Falling Skies ended its five year run this past Sunday night (August 30, 2015). I was a faithful viewer for all five seasons, never missing an episode. I can honestly say that I will miss this program. There is something very satisfying about watching humans fight off an alien invader. We are dauntless; we plucky, puny humans!

For five years we watched the 2nd Mass overcome the odds that were clearly stacked against earth and its inhabitants. The Espheni threw all their technology at us – Harnesses, Mechs, Mega-Mechs, Eye Worms, Obelisks, Electro staffs, and probably some I am forgetting. We in turn had only guns and explosives plus our ingenuity and sheer determination to live and reclaim our planet. We definitely had home field advantage!

While not all aliens are evil and determined to wipe us out, it does seem that most sci-fi stories involving them consist of invasion scenarios. This is probably due to the fact it makes for more dramatic and action oriented entertainment.

What drew me to Falling Skies five years ago and kept me watching throughout its run was the way the main characters and the host of ancillary characters kept on keeping on. There were many losses along the way. And, being the emotional sap I am, I cried for all of them when they died.

So now it is done. The final curtain. The party’s over. And how do you, a Falling Skies fan, feel? Beyond feeling sad that the show is done, how do you feel about the final season and the final episode? I will share with you my thoughts, and then at the bottom is a poll for you to vote and express your feelings. I am not going to mince words. I was disappointed and let down with the final episode. Here are some of my reasons.

Deus Ex Machina

Tom Mason - Falling Skies

I felt the final episode was rushed and not at all satisfying. Oh, sure, they wrapped up the invasion – we won, woo hoo! – but it never provided for me the visceral pleasure of seeing the earth forces in a final pitch battle with the Espheni. Instead we got a deus ex machina with the use of the Dorniyan device. I suppose it was fitting that Tom was the one to deal the death blow to the queen, but I wanted to see Weaver in on the fight at the very least!

Maybe they had originally planned for more episodes in the final season and the network decided to only give them ten, so a lot of planned action got curtailed. That would certainly explain the rushed feel the episode had. Personally I felt they wasted way too much time in the final season on the love triangles with the young people – it just detracted from the story line, adding nothing and taking valuable time that could have been spent exploring how the battle weary troops were coping.

Fake Out with Anne’s Death

Anne Mason - Falling Skies

For five years we have watched as the body count climbed. I get it, this was all out war, and there were casualties. We lost so many people – Weaver’s daughter Jeannie, Anne and Tom’s daughter Lexie, Hal’s high school girlfriend, Karen. Heck, even Cochise lost his dad!

But when it came to Anne, well, they resurrected her in the same way Tom was brought back to life by the Dorniya. I felt so betrayed – I cried my tears and then wait, she’s not dead yet! Since it was the series finale, the impact of losing a major character would have been palpable, a real reminder that war is never pretty.

Pope Does Not Get His Due

John Pope - Falling Skies

I have talked about Pope before, in Mr. Pope’s Wild Ride on Falling Skies. I loved the character, and really like the actor who plays him, Colin Cunningham, since his days on Stargate SG-1. I really enjoyed Pope’s on again, off again battle with Tom Mason. In the final analysis, Pope was only on Pope’s side. He would do anything to advance himself. When it was convenient, he was with the 2nd Mass, but when things did not work out, then he went his separate way.

Of course, after Sara was killed, Pope blamed Tom and began his destructive descent into madness. He became so obsessed with Tom and his family, bent on revenge, and of course that never works out well for anyone involved.

My problem with Pope’s story line was the anticlimactic manner in which he was treated. He went from being a totally insane out of control villain to being a very sad, pitiable doofus. At the end, he expired from the wounds sustained in the explosion – the one where we were supposed to believe he died. Of course we knew he was not dead – there was no body, and unless you see the body, a person is rarely actually dead! He was a convenient way for Tom to tell us that he was done killing, which is fine, but give him a better ending guys!


So, those are my reasons for being disappointed in the series finale of Falling Skies. What did you think? Vote in the poll below and then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!