Cedar Cove “The Good Fight” Review (Season 3, Episode 8)

Cedar Cove The Good Fight Season 3 Episode 8 (6)

In this corner of Cedar Cove we have Warren “Buck” Saget, Sr. and in the opposite corner we have Warren Saget, Jr.

The father and son have always been at odds, but it would seem that junior is none too pleased that his father got the better of him by getting Olivia to sign over her half of her mother’s home – the property that the younger Saget has had his eye on ever since he manipulated Olivia’s brother into selling it in the first place.

But unlike Saget Jr., his father Buck has no designs on splitting up the property and developing it for his benefit; instead Daddy Saget wants to settle down in the quaint town. It is obvious to Warren Jr. that his father is doing this for less than altruistic reasons, but it’s my opinion that his dad really does want to find a home for himself. I just hope that my assumption is not baseless.

There was also a battle brewing between Jack and his ex-wife over the fact that she thinks Jack is stealing her job as Editor at the Seattle paper. That’s not the case at all, of course, as it was her fault – at least in the eyes of David, the owner of the paper – who felt her strong-arm tactics weren’t going to work any longer. In the end, Jack took the offer – with Olivia’s blessing – only to learn that the job would require that he be in Seattle full-time. This circumstance comes at a difficult time, too, as Olivia and Jack are just now getting their relationship back on track.

But that’s not all. There is a mini-battle taking place between siblings Olivia and Will now that the latter has decided to take up residence with Olivia. It’s obvious that Will has led a charmed life and he seems to think he can continue in that fashion with his older sister. Olivia, on the other hand, wants her younger brother to take responsibility. Her way of started that learning process was to give him a list of “jobs” to take care of at the house, which Will turned around and “delegated” to Justine’s boyfriend Luke. As the old adage says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and that so applies to Will. Olivia is going to have an uphill battle with her brother – that’s for sure.

And then there is the growing animosity between young lawyer Rebecca and new town resident Gloria. As we know, Rebecca found Gloria’s presumed real driver’s license and has learned that the backstory Gloria provided to her and her roommate Linnette is less than truthful. In fact, Linnette’s PI dad Roy warned the girls to stay away from Gloria because she is definitely not the 80-year-old woman Gloria Ashton, who he tracked down. And to make matters worse, Rebecca didn’t show up for work, causing deep concern for her roommates as well as her boss Paul. This could either be attributed to the fact that Rebecca has been so sleep deprived that she “zonked” out somewhere from utter exhaustion or – worse yet – Gloria has done something to her. I highly doubt it is the latter and if it’s the former, let’s just hope that Rebecca is curled up somewhere safe getting the much needed sleep that she has been sorely lacking lately.

What are your thoughts on the battle between the warring Sagets? What do you think Jeri will do now that she’s out of job? Will Jack move forward with his new job with the revelation that he will have to be in Seattle full-time? Please share your thoughts.

The next new episode of the third season of ‘Cedar Cove’ will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, September 12 at 8/7c.

Andie MacDowell as Olivia Lockhart
Dylan Neal as Jack Griffith
Teryl Rothery as Grace Sherman
Sarah Smyth as Justine Lockhart
Brennan Elliott as Warren Saget
Barbara Niven as Peggy Beldon
Bruce Boxleitner as Bob Beldon

Guest stars:
Colin Ferguson as Paul Watson
Timothy Webber as Moon
Elyse Levesque as MaryEllen Sherman
Cameron Bancroft as Will Jeffers
Jesse Hutch as Luke Bailey
Rebecca Marshall as Alex Baldwin
Tom Butler as Warren “Buck” Saget, Sr.
Cindy Busby as Rebecca Jennings
Anna Van Hooft as Linnette Macaffe
Julia Benson as Jeri Drake
Andrew Dunbar as Matt
Bruce Dawson as David
Tara Wilson as Gloria