‘Dominion’ (Season 2): Gabriel vs. Julian

Gabriel and Julian

Since the debut of the Syfy post-apocalyptic drama Dominion, based on characters from the box office film Legion, it has been made clear that archangels – and twin brothers – Gabriel and Michael have been on opposing, warring sides since their father – God himself – vanished.

Gabriel came to believe that all of humankind was to blame for God’s vanishing act. In retaliation, he convinced the lower angels also known as the “dogs of Heaven” (or called “eight-balls” by humans because of their black eyes) to fight alongside him, waging war against man. While most other archangels remained neutral, Michael chose to fight alongside humankind.

As you can imagine, that choice did not sit well with Gabriel, creating a massive divide between the brothers. Several decades later, Gabriel and his army and Michael and the remnants of humankind are still at odds.

Enter Julian, a rare creature known as a Dyad, a human who was fused with the disembodied higher Angel Lyrae, who assisted Michael and Gabriel in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately Lyrae enjoyed his job far too much, causing Michael to end his existence, sending him to the lowest sphere of angels.

Needless to say, Lyrae as Julian has been waiting a very long time to get revenge on Michael. As fans of the show know, Julian was finally able to do just that when he was able to capture both Gabriel and Michael with the goal of taking over one of their bodies.

In a rare moment of what could pass as compassion (a rare moment indeed), Gabriel helped his brother Michael escape, but was left at the mercy of Julian’s cruelty. Or so we thought. It was made clear in last night’s episode that Gabriel is much stronger than Julian (or any of us) thought or perceived, as is Julian.

The battle that is coming between Gabriel and Julian is going to be bloody and ugly for sure, but whatever Gabriel has become because of the darkness contained in the Amphora, which Julian used on Gabriel in an effort to take over his body, has assuredly changed the archangel in ways that we can only imagine at this point.

That’s not to say the battle between Gabriel and Julian is going to be the only one on ‘Dominion’. The resistance once led by Zoe is still attempting to wrest power from Claire Riesen and the other elites of Vega; there is the impending power struggle between David Whele and his back-from-the-dead son William, who is claiming (albeit falsely) to being The Chosen One and the battle that will most likely happen soon enough between Claire and Noma for the heart of the real Chosen One Alex Lannen.

If you have been watching the second season of ‘Dominion’, what are your thoughts on Julian and his battle against brothers Michael and Gabriel? What do you think about William’s return to Vega? Do you think that Alex will allow Claire back into his heart or will he stand by Noma?

I also have to ask these questions: What is up with the visions that Michael is experiencing? And how does that mystery man, who was seen outside Mallory and who briefly spoke to Noma, figure into the overall storyline? Let’s hope that we start to get some answers soon.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dominion’ will air on Syfy on Thursday, September 10 at 10/9c.