‘Scream: The Series’ (Season 1): Craven for More “Revelations”

scream season finale 2015 1

Don’t you love it when a good plan comes together? On the season finale of “Scream: The Series,” I finally nailed one good and proper, as evidenced by my review last week, and it’s nice to be right for a change, because I am almost always wrong about these things. Yes, technically, I was only half-right, since, as predicted, there was indeed a partner to the main killer, and I was wrong about their identity, but I was pretty dead-on about everything else, that’s for sure.

(Spoilers abound from here on out- you are warned.)

From Piper being Brandon’s daughter and the killer, to Branson and then Kieran being framed by her as the “real” culprits, to the fact that one killer would be revealed in the climax and either be killed or just barely escape- only for the second member of the team to emerge relatively unscathed, I was fairly accurate in my predictions all around. Really, about the only thing I was wrong about was the identity of the second killer, which proved to be Audrey. I just figured it unlikely that- (A.) Audrey would kill her own girlfriend, Rachel, and (B.) That both the killers would be female.

In retrospect, though, perhaps Piper killed Rachel, and that’s what ticked off Audrey and caused her to betray her partner in crime. We know from the end that the two were in touch, and that Audrey is, at the very least, “bicurious,” so maybe either Piper found out about Rachel and was jealous and killed her for that reason- which was why it was a bit sloppy in execution, it being a spur-of-the-moment, crime of passion- or Audrey is as crazy as she seemed in that video and killed Rachel to get it back because she knew it would incriminate her.

The other option is, she was simply covering her tracks, as we saw her doing in the end of the episode. Kill Piper and there’s no one left to tell the truth in the end. Then, once she burned the letters as well, there was really nothing left to tie her to it, and she was seen as a hero to boot for “saving” her friend. Mission mostly accomplished.

The only drawback to her plan: as Noah points out in the closing episode of “Anatomy of a Crime”- nice touch, having him take that over, BTW- Will verified before his death that Piper was with him when they were attacked and he was taken, so who did that?

Of course, therein lies the next season, one assumes. Another little tidbit: also amongst the stuff Audrey burned were notes from the police’s evidence about the original Brandon James case in which it was pointed out that Brandon James might still be alive and that Kevin Duval, aka Emma’s dad, not only survived the murders back then, but was a suspect. Why take these notes, much less burn them?

Because maybe Brandon is still out there and part of the team- and/or possibly Kevin as well. Now, it seems unlikely that both Brandon and Kevin would be on the team, so I’m guessing it’s one or the other, not both, because that wouldn’t make much sense.


However, the real question is: what was Audrey’s motive? There must have been something that set her off. Piper had plenty of motive, as the daughter that was denied the life Emma got, and her victims in this made sense, more or less. I can also see where Audrey would want to kill certain people in Emma’s inner circle, as they were pretty nasty to her, i.e. Nina, Tyler, and Will.

Audrey also probably thought Emma would pick Brooke over Riley in that one instance, when given the choice, who Audrey probably wouldn’t have otherwise killed because of pal Noah. But that was likely Piper, anyway, who is just crazy enough to take killing someone at a cop station as a challenge.

Note also that the killer let Brooke off easy in this episode, which means that it was likely Audrey at the time, as you’ll recall that she and Brooke bonded shortly before that. That bonding might well have saved Brooke’s bacon, which I’m grateful for, because that is some real nice bacon, IMHO. Can’t say I blame Jake for sneaking a peek, all things considered.

Regardless, with a second season in the forecast, they had to leave some regulars standing. I predict that Jake won’t be long for this world once the show returns, as he didn’t really redeem himself like the others, and the killer did already try and kill him once as it was, but had to leave before the job was done because of the cops. Granted, Jake did eliminate the blackmail material at the end of the episode, but Audrey doesn’t know that, so he’s likely still on her short list.

So, my predictions for next season will be that either Audrey already has a partner in either Brandon or Emma’s dad, and they will resume killing after a certain amount of time has passed and the coast is relatively clear; or that Audrey will simply have to recruit someone else to her cause, which could be risky. She got lucky the first time around, but she might not a second, if she tries that route again. I think it’s much more likely she already had another partner and they will pick up with the killing where they left off next season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another twist to it, though. The good thing about the way they set it up, as well as the way they left things, is that there’s plenty of wiggle room for more. In addition to Brandon possibly being still alive, and/or Emma’s dad potentially being involved, there’s also Brandon’s brother, Troy, who is still unaccounted for, and, if you want to get technical, Piper’s body was never found, either.

I mean, the latter seems a bit of a stretch, what with Emma shooting her in the head, it looked like, but then, where is the body? Maybe she actually shot her in the shoulder or chest and it just looked like her head. I don’t think so, though. I think she’s deader than dirt, personally, but there could always be a new recruit, so there’s that.


All in all, a reasonably satisfying ending, I thought, and thank goodness for that, under the circumstances. As everyone knows by now, the original “Scream”-meister himself, Wes Craven, director of all four “Scream” movies, as well as the creator of Freddy Kruger and plenty more terrifying stuff where that came from- check out my eulogy for him here– sadly passed away earlier this week.

Naturally, and as well it should have been, the episode was dedicated to him, and Craven will certainly be missed. He was undeniably a huge part of many of us horror fans’ childhoods, adolescence and adulthood, rolled up into one big scary package. It was quite a run, to be sure.

Unfortunate that he won’t be around to see what the reception was to the big reveal, but at least the show was renewed before he passed, giving him one last hit in the process. Several of the projects he was working on, including a “The People Under the Stairs” TV adaptation, are likely to be picked up as well, which is also cool.

RIP, Wes Craven- you were truly one of the greats of horror cinema- and from the looks of things, of TV as well, with his future reassured for the foreseeable next few years to come. No doubt about it, people will continue to be scared senseless by his stuff for years to come, regardless. You have to think Wes would have liked that just fine.

See you next season!