Chasing Life “Wild Thing” Review (Season 2 Episode 9)

Chasing Life Wild Thing

Chasing Life continues to bring the element of surprise in each and every episode of the season. Fingers crossed that the writer’s room will keep it going, we saw April act like a bit of a wild thing in the aptly titled episode. The show used to feel like an afterschool special, but since Leo’s death things have been dark for April. She’s angry, confused, sad, scared and just plain heart broken. Watching her cry while talking to her mother from Dom’s house as she came down from using ecstasy made my chest tight. But before I skip too far ahead, back to the beginning.

April & The Bike

What kicks off April’s quarter life crisis is her inheritance from Leo, too much talk about death, illness and a lot of fake inspirational quotes. All that money and anger made it possible for her to rebel in dangerous ways; start driving Leo’s bike without a license, drinking and ecstasy. That was perhaps the most shocking moment of the night. This definitely was not April and she really needed someone to call her out on her craziness. Beth’s approach was all wrong, and it makes you dislike her a bit until you hear what she has to say to Sara. Dom however, nailed it. I think April may be back on the straight and narrow after her small breakdown and some decent mourning of Leo.

Brenna and California

While April spent the episode losing control, Brenna seems to have finally found her way. Unfortunately, it’s in California where she want to go to film school. Earlier in the episode April brought up Brenna moving out for school, but Sara seemed completely floored by Brenna’s decision to apply so far away. I sense some trouble brewing between George and Sara. After all, he seemed to have helped her make the decision to pursue her dreams. And he also helped Finn which was sweet. Let’s hope April isn’t right about the Carver women being black widows.

On a lighter note, the most comical moments of the night:
Beth’s joke about Obamacare to Sara made me smile

Finn getting caught watching the Gilmore Girls

Watching Italia Ricci (April) get smothered by her real life fiancé Robbie Amell as she tried to buy ecstasy

Sara’s weak in the knees response to April’s doctor played by The Client List hottie Colin Egglesfield

Sara’s McSteamy/McDreamy blunder

What did you think of this week’s episode of Chasing Life? Are you surprised how the story has taken a turn? Let us know below.