‘Under the Dome’ (Season 3): You’ve Come a Dome Way, Baby

Dome 4

Since we last left the denizens of the dome, it seemed like “Under the Dome” was the best place they could be, what with Armageddon, aka “The Sixth Extinction” seemingly happening outside the dome. However, we now know that to all be a hoax, a mass hallucination/visual projection on the surface of the dome perpetuated by the dome to fool those under it into falling into line like those infamous pink stars. But was it completely one?

If Christine is to be believed- and admittedly, that’s not necessarily a given- then that event is still coming, just not how she let on previously. Instead of the rain of meteors and space debris that seemingly came down upon the surface of the dome, it’s actually the invasion of the same alien enemies that brought down the aliens possessing Christine and others on their own planet, aka “The Great Destruction.”

Now, they’re supposedly headed our way as well, and according to Christine, the only way to defeat them and save Earth, is to band together- literally and figuratively- and fight them from taking over and/or destroying our planet as well. In other words, letting the aliens under the dome take them over is their best bet to fighting them. What’s slightly less clear, if this is even true, is how a relatively small handful of alien-possessed humans are supposed to take down what one assumes is an entire fleet of rival aliens that have already taken another planet down themselves. You’d think it would make more sense to aim higher and possess a wider swath of people, right?

Then again, if the aliens currently possessing most of the townspeople of Chester’s Mill are all that’s left, then maybe Earth is screwed, anyway. It seems more likely to me that the whole alien threat thing is bull, and all the aliens currently possessing people are trying to do is to stay alive by any means necessary. They know if the dome comes down, they’re done for once the military and the like gets involved, so they’ve been postponing that in hopes of coming up with another plan, which is their real agenda.

Dome 2

Insofar as I can tell, that plan is to funnel what juice they have left into a super-powered baby, which will take over for a dying Christine and lead their alien race into the “New World,” as it were, aka the outside world, where the aliens will continue their takeover, whether it be to combat their enemies or simply to stay alive and continue to breed and further their species. Or something. That part of it isn’t so clear, to be honest.

Meanwhile, the aliens have Joe building some sort of contraption that will bring down the dome once and for all, at least once the rest of their plan is ready to go, which would seem to be the case with the birth of super alien baby. First, he had to figure out how to split the reputed last remaining amethyst into seven parts, which he did, apparently with the aid of Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” stuck on repeat. Strangely, I had fewer problems with this than other elements of the plotline because, you know, Pat Benatar is kinda awesome. (Although how the hell Joe knows who the hell she is at his age is admittedly a mystery of another kind!)

That part accomplished, apparently the Thunderdome is now ready to come thundering down, and a child shall lead them and all that. We’ve still got a few more episodes to go, so my guess is that won’t happen either until the end of the next episode or on the last episode, but we’ll see. It’s looking less and less like the show is going to be renewed, so hopefully they have an ending coming that is at least reasonably satisfying, because if they do, I’d have to say that this might well be the best season of the show overall. Too bad more people aren’t watching, though.

That said, after successfully prolonging the inevitable for several seasons, there are worse things they could do than to end strong, even if there’s a bit of a cliffhanger involved. Maybe if there is and the ratings are just decent enough, CBS will do what they’re doing with “CSI” this fall, and allow for a big final TV-movie to wrap things up once and for all. I could definitely see that happening.

But honestly, I would be good if they simply got out from under the dome and somehow figured out how to defeat the alien presence and free those still possessed by them without having to kill them in the process. I mean, given that, if I’m not mistaken, only Julia and Jim are alien-free, then that would mean that literally everyone else would have to die, and that would be a real bummer of an ending.

So, hopefully, Hektor (Eriq La Salle, “ER”) and his team will figure out a cure after all, despite recent efforts to the contrary. If not, then like he said, chances are the military is going to take them all out if that dome comes down- and not just the ones inhabited by the aliens, either, and that would be an even suckier ending- everyone dies! And you thought the ending of “The Mist” was bad!

My guess would be that somehow Patrick (Paul McCrane, also of “ER,” oddly enough- what was there a package deal?), aka Lily’s dad, will figure into things somehow. He sings the body electric, don’t you know.

Maybe Lily will figure out what went wrong with the dose of the cure given to Junior and rectify it and give it to her dad and he’ll know enough about the aliens after having been bonded with them for so long to know how to defeat them all. Either way, Lily (Gia Mantegna, “ER”- j/k, she’s actually from “The Middle” and the upcoming and awesome-sounding “Cheerleader Death Squad”- I’m in on the strength of that title alone!) overheard Hektor and Jim talking and there’s no way she’s going to let them go all ballistic on everyone concerned, which would also be a crappy ending.

Dome 3

So, place your bets now, people. Will it be Hektor and his peeps blowing all of the aliens away? Unlikely, I think. Will the dome come down, only for the military to gun down everyone inside without hesitation? Probably not. Will the alien super baby lead his people out of the dome to conquer the Earth? Could be. In fact, it might be a combination of some of the above. Like, Jim and Hektor will take down a host of red shirt types, and possibly one major character, then Julia and Barbie will take them out in return. (Or if it’s Norrie who gets clipped, possibly Joe, to avenge her death.)

But I think at least one of the aliens will manage to get away and evade capture and escape the dome, and therein will lie the cliffhanger- one alien to try and rule them all, as it were. My guess would probably be super baby. After all, it’s not like they’re going to gun down a baby, right? Probably not, I’d say. So, my prediction: Julia, Barbie, Joe, maybe Norrie and Big Jim, and possibly Hunter and Lily will live. Everyone else is going down.

I think of the main cast, Sam is definitely a goner, and I think Junior may well be doomed as well. Maybe Jim will have second thoughts and try and save him and die in the process, but I still think Junior is done. He’s just done too much sketchy stuff as it is. I mean, so has Jim, obviously, but if there’s even a remote possibility the show might come back, they might not want to take him out, as he’s one of the strongest characters. Taking out Norrie might be a bit harsh after killing her entire family already, but it could happen, and if so, count on Joe to go nuts, possibly getting himself injured in the process, though I don’t think they’ll kill him outright.

I do think that when all hell breaks loose, not a whole lot of the town will be left standing, though. Or the aliens, for that matter. Or the town, for that matter. But I do think that damnable dome is indeed coming down by the end of the season. They can only prolong the inevitable for so long, right? We shall see, but I think it’s definitely going to happen. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess how this thing will end.

What do you think? Any predictions for what’s going to go down next “Under the Dome”? Who will survive and what will be left of them? Make your predictions below, and I’ll see you on the other side of the finale!