Beauty and The Beast “Sins of The Father” Review (Season 3 Episode 12)

beauty and the beast

The mission to take down Liam cost Cat more than she expected in Beauty and The Beast’s “Sins of the Father.” We knew there had to be some fatal consequences when it comes to taking down this season’s villain, but I didn’t expect it to be Cat’s dad.

The Plan
After failing so far in their attempts to deal with Liam, Cat and Vincent come up with a plan to try and erase his memory. Of course, we knew this wouldn’t be an easy task so the two decide to get Cat’s dad out of jail for a little help with the matter. Yes, he hasn’t been the best father to Cat, but he seems to know more about how to handle Liam.

Tess & JT
While Cat and Vincent are busy fighting Liam, Tess plots out a romantic gift for J.T. I was not a fan of these two as a couple, but they have grown on me and in Thursday night’s episode watching Tess live out his dreams through his love of hockey was great to watch. I can’t help but feel like the end could be near for J.T.

Cat and Internal Affairs
This was definitely a situation Cat didn’t need in her life. While fighting with Heather about having a will, prepping for a wedding and fighting Liam, we find out the IA has their eyes on Cat. She’s angry and a little crazy about the situation, but remains focused on Liam. Is there a possibility that Cat could someday leave her job behind and go rogue?

Paying the Price
In the end, we see Cat pay a high price for trying to get Liam when she finds her father bloody and dead. The scene was heartbreaking even if she never really did get along with Robert. With only one episode to go will there be more causalities? Will Cat and Vincent actually get married?