Kevin From Work (ABC Family) “All About Work From Work” Episode 4

Kevin From Work (ABC Family)

The new ABC Family tv show Kevin From Work “All About Work From Work” Episode 4 airs Wednesday, August 26 (8:00 PM ET/PT). In tonight’s episode, After receiving their performance reviews, Kevin volunteers to help under-performing Ricky ace a client presentation. And Audrey wants to impress Julia with her problem solving skills but ends up creating a bigger problem.

Show Summary: “Kevin from Work” is a half-hour workplace comedy centered on Kevin, a young man who declares his unrequited love for his coworker Audrey in a letter, believing he’ll never see her again after he accepts a job overseas. But when the opportunity falls through and Kevin is forced to return to his old job, how will he and Audrey continue to work together now that his feelings are no longer secret?

The comedy stars Noah Reid (“Backpackers“) as Kevin, Paige Spara as Audrey, Matt Murray (“Rookie Blue”) as Brian, Jordan Hinson (“Eureka”) as Roxie, Punam Patel as Patti, with guest star Amy Sedaris (“Strangers with Candy”) as Julia.