Chasing Life “The Ghost In You” Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

chasing life aug 24

Watching April deal with the reality of Leo’s shocking departure in this week’s Chasing Life was just as heartbreaking as his death. She dealt with it just as expected, but with an added twist of anger and viciousness towards some of those around her, particularly Dom. He took it well, realizing it was April’s grief talking and not her. Beth was equally supportive in between secretive tears while she and Dom helped April on her scavenger hunt.

A Trip Around The City

I was glad to get Scott Michael Foster for one more episode even if he was in ghost form. Watching him tell April that they would always be together was bitter sweet as April adjusted throughout the night to her new life without him. The scavenger hunt was a genius way to give Leo/April shippers one last storyline that would pull at the heart strings. It was great to find out that Leo was hoping to fall in love before he died and April was able to give him that. As Dom points out, Leo came into April’s life when she needed him most.

Brenna and Finn

Do you feel like Brenna is bound to suffer the same heartbreak as April? I can’t help but cringe at their growing relationship even though I think these two are great together. Finn did teach Brenna a thing or two about believing in an afterlife and having hope, maybe she will also have something to offer Finn thanks to her experience with April.

The New Trio

I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that Beth, April and Dom would be a group, but watching them throughout the scavenger hunt proved that they do care for one another. Dom played it well when Beth broke down after breaking a nail. He also proved he was willing to take one for the team with the old lady who mauled him! But judging by next week’s preview, these three won’t be standing in the sun for too long because April is about to fall apart again. Can you blame her?