Teen Wolf “Status Asthmaticus” Review (Season 5 Episode 10)

Status Asthmaticus marked the conclusion of the first half of Season 5 for Teen Wolf. This is the first time since the show moved to more episodes per season that the central conflict of the first half of the season was not resolved. On paper, this is a good change for the show, as we have often been left with anticlimactic endings to previous seasons because the writers were forced to resolve a villain’s arc in a 10 or 13 episode stretch.

However, in order for this approach to be effective, the first half of the season must leave fans wanting more. Status Asthmaticus should have left us cursing the months that we have to wait for 5B to start. I’m not sure that the mid-season finale accomplished this goal across the board.


So here are the things that left me with great anticipation for what will come in 5B:

– Theo’s true identity as the original chimera, coyote, budding nudist and awful, smug faced home wrecking piece of trash was finally revealed to our key players. Although I’ve lost count of how many villains Scott will face in 5B, I am glad that Scott FINALLY counts Theo among his foes. One can only hope that one of Scott’s other foes will eliminate Theo (permanently) along with the rest of his resurrected pack. More on that later, when I discuss the things that I have no desire to watch in 5B.

– Theo’s manipulations have left Scott’s pack in shambles and I suspect it will not be enough for Scott to simply say “hey guys, sorry I made the wrong call about Theo. Let’s hug and and come up with a plan!” Not happening. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show runner Jeff Davis confirmed that things will be “rocky” between Scott and Stiles when 5B starts, which is planned to pick up immediately following the events of last night’s mid-season finale.

– Braeden, Braeden, Braeden! Braeden is back!!!!


The Desert Wolf storyline is undoubtedly Malia’s opportunity to get some long overdue character development. I worried, however, that the writers would simply drop Braeden’s long history of pursuing the Desert Wolf. Much to my surprise and delight, Braeden is back and her character is confirmed for 5B. Yaaaas queen! There have been many critics of Braeden’s failure to capture the Desert Wolf and many question if she actually helped Derek. I hope that her arc in 5B will silence Braeden’s foes and naysayers. Her return could also open the door to a visit from Derek. If it doesn’t, I hope that it will at least serve as a mechanism for an update about our favorite sour wolf.

– Void!Stiles
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No, we will not be seeing the return of Nogitsune!Stiles, but in his manipulations, Theo definitely forced Stiles to confront the darkness within himself. In fact, Theo seems to be most attracted to the darker sides of the respective members of Scott’s pack. Although this is not the most compelling storyline, the material could give Dylan O’Brien and Shelley Hennig interesting material to work with during the second half of this season, which is a good thing. After nearly being killed by Donovan and the life of his father hanging in the balance, I don’t exactly see Stiles being so eager to reunite with Scott if it means continuing to take the True Alpha’s rose colored vision for dealing with clear and present dangers.

– Poor lonely Scott. I have enjoyed Scott’s journey during the first half of the season, in which we saw him hit an all-time low in his tenure as pack leader. However, I am now feeling a bit exhausted with Scott’s journey being about extreme lows juxtaposed with impressive feats, like breaking the mountain ash barrier and being able to reclaim his soul after Kate tried to make him a monster. I hope that this conflict will lead Scott to a more decisive, confident place in which we see him work with his pack to come up with plans to face their enemies. I want more of the elements of Buffy, where we saw the slayer decisively deal with every day threats and rally with her friends to deal with the big bads.

– I’m curious to see what the road to reconciliation looks like for Liam and Scott. I think that despite his best intentions, Liam is a bit of a liability. Honestly, he’s been a liability since he first joined the pack. I suspect that the writers are not going to grapple with the problems presented by Liam’s membership in the pack. Instead, most of his time in 5B will be spent trying to remind the stupid members of Theo’s zombie pack of their humanity. This storyline has so much potential and I hope that potential will not become a victim to the theme of hope the writers are setting up for 5B.

– Finally, I was happy to learn that Parrish is a hell hound. Parrish’s storyline in last night’s mid-season finale was well-handled, as the writers revealed Parrish’s supernatural identity, but left viewers wanting to know more about his role as guardian of the dead. How will the hell hound react when he learns that Theo has resurrected his collection of chimeras?


– The first 10 episodes of season 5 have done nothing to pique my interest in the Dread Doctors. I am ready to be done with them. I hope that Dr. Valack returns with some answers and solutions for being done with them for good.

– As excited as I was to see Braeden return, I am frustrated that Dr. Deaton was missing from the finale. I hope that Seth Gilliam’s filming schedule for The Walking Dead will allow him to do a few more episodes of Teen Wolf next season. Likewise, I hope that his absence in 5A means that his divisive, controversial character on The Walking Dead is still alive.

– I’ve never been a fan of Theo as a character, although I admittedly find myself entertained by the fallout of his manipulations. The editing of last night’s episode made Theo come off as an omnipresent force – the kid was EVERYWHERE and his timing was always perfect. My frustration with Theo only increased last night after he decided to resurrect all of the characters we’d just watched the Dread Doctors get rid of. I have zero interest in any of the resurrected characters, so thanks for nothing Theo! Theo’s actions illuminated the problem with the show continuing to expand the cast to drive a plot, often at the price of completely dropping characters who have been better developed. The writers are clearly responding to the criticisms raised by fans and reviewers, so I hope that going back and closing out storylines for characters from seasons’ past is a change we can look forward to in 5B and Season 6. On a related note . . .


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Sorry, but this one is going to the writers for resurrecting a bunch of filler characters and not giving us an update on Derek or trying to bring back Isaac, Jackson, Chris Argent, Kate Argent or even Gerard Argent in the first 10 episodes of this season. I’m grateful for Braeden’s very brief return, but I remain frustrated with the manner in which Deaton, Kira and Malia were placed on the backburner in order to advance a less than compelling storyline with less than compelling characters. If Teen Wolf is in the business of resurrecting characters, how about we bring back Erica and Boyd?!?!


What did you think of the 5A finale? What is on your wish list for 5B? Sound off below!