The Expanse (Syfy) Interviews: Thomas Jane, Dominique Tipper and More [Comic-Con 2015]

the expanse syfy

Syfy brought its new series The Expanse to Comic-Con 2015 and TV Equals got the chance to chat with cast members Thomas Jane and Dominique Tipper, as well as writer-executive producer Naren Shankar, and writer-EPs Hawk Otsby and Mark Fergus about what fans can expect.

Check out the videos below to find out why Shankar feels the show is very relatable to regular people, hear Tipper talk about the challenges of playing Naomi tough, but not too tough, Jane discuss what appealed to him the most about playing Miller, as well as Otsby and Fergus talk about what it was like to have the writers of the books in the writers room for the series.

The Expanse premieres on Monday, December 14th, at 10pm on Syfy.

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