Five Reasons Killjoys Must Have a Second Season!

Dutch, Johnny, D'avin, Khylen, Pawter, Alvis, Fancy - Killjoys

Greetings Killjoys fans! This past Friday Killjoys wrapped its first season. As a new summer series, part of sci-fi Friday on Syfy channel, it was wedged between Defiance and another new series, Dark Matter. Honestly, for me, this was a great lineup for Friday night! I really am enjoying all three series.

I have read that a second season has not yet been confirmed for Killjoys, so I am here to add my voice to the many requests that this program continues! Many of us have felt the pain of a series *cough Firefly cough* canceled after one season without time to build an audience or even the momentum of the story line. Let’s hope Syfy and Space understand that and will give these new programs a chance!

Spoiler alert – I will be discussing the entire first season of Killjoys, including the season finale, so beware if you have not seen it yet!

Red 17

Red 17 - Killjoys

First introduced in episode five, “A Glitch in the System,” Red 17 seems to be one of the big mysteries to propel us into the second season. Our team goes on what is supposed to be an easy salvage operation, but it ends up nearly killing them all. The ship they board turns out to not be abandoned, and D’avin ends up captured by the man they thought they were helping. The realization that the ship was actually a black ops interrogation unit was disquieting to say the least!

D’avin is injected with nanites – which were very important for the episode plot as well as likely to be important for the mysteries of what Red 17 is all about going forward. These nanites can heal you from any damage they inflict as part of the interrogation, which is pretty ingenious if you think about it. Oh, yeah, sinister too.

So what about Red 17? Well, that was part of the interrogation. The ship’s computer wanted to know about it, but of course our heroes had no clue. Despite the fact we heard nothing more about it until episode 9, “Enemy Khylen,” and then again in episode 10, “Escape Velocity,” most of us suspected that Red 17 would return to bite our heroes in the rear end and means that this mystery will be carried over to the mandatory second season…


D'avin and Fancy - Killjoys

We have not heard much about Arkyn this season, but the final two episodes more than made up for that. According to the Syfy website, Arkyn is Qresh’s smallest moon, and the first attempt the Company made at terraforming was on Arkyn. As with many new ventures, it did not work as planned, and in fact went horribly wrong!

People talk about Arkyn, but no one knows for sure what is actually going on there. Or, let me correct that statement, someone does know, but ordinary people do not! At the end of the season finale, we found out that Red 17 is on Arkyn! Plus, D’avin and Fancy Lee are both trapped there. We know that Khylen is responsible for D’avin being there, so he clearly knows what transpires on Arkyn. Yikes!


Dutch and Khylen - Killjoys

A major protagonist, Khylen is mysterious, ruthless and oh so very interesting! Is he really protecting Dutch on behalf of her father, or perhaps is he her father? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist? She seems bent on killing him, but I doubt she will actually be able to do it. Now, it is totally likely that either Johnny or D’avin would be happy to carry out that task, but will they be able to get close enough to him for a kill shot?

We also found out in episode 9 that Khylen is a Level 6 Killjoy – the stuff of rumors and legends. What exactly does Level 6 mean? Are they genetically engineered, part cyborg, or maybe to circle back around, they have healing nanites in them, making it impossible or nearly impossible to kill them! Inquiring minds need to know this stuff.

Who Survived?

Alvis and Pawter - Killjoys

At the end of the season finale, Alvis lead a group of people into the self sustainable tunnels under Old Town. We are left to understand that this location is not only able to survive the bombing, but also has resources for continued life support so all that went there will be fine. This is good news, as Dr. Pawter and Alvis are two of my favorite characters!

But, what will be left of Old Town? Will it just be rubble, and if so, will anyone even be able to locate the entrance to the tunnels? And, even in blast tunnels there can be damage from a bombing attack – we see it all the time in movies and TV shows. So, will everyone have survived, or will there be some casualties?

What Now?

Dutch and Johnny - Killjoys

So, what comes next for Lucy and her crew plus the few refugees who escaped with them, including another of my favorite characters, Pree? They escaped from Westerly just as the bombers attacked, but will they be hunted? Surely they know too much about what happened for there to be no repercussions!

We know that Khylen has been protecting Dutch, but will he be able to extend his protection this far? He certainly seems to be pretty powerful in the Quad! And, this also begs the question about what “is coming” to the Quad? What will be Dutch’s part to play in what looms ahead?


Are you hoping that Killjoys gets a second season? What are your reasons for wanting a second season? Or maybe you don’t think they deserve one! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!