‘Dominion’ (Season 2): Protecting the Chosen One

Dominion - Season 2

From the very beginning of Dominion, it has been clear that Archangel Michael has been on the path to protect Alex Lannon no matter what. Alex, as any fan of the show knows, is “The Chosen One”, the infant prophesized by the dominant religion in Vega (the city formerly known as Las Vegas) as the one human who could save humankind.

As a grown man, mysterious tattoos appeared on Alex’s body – indecipherable markings in fact – that will supposedly lead humans to God, who vanished, causing a great war between Angels and man several decades earlier.

Alex, though, wasn’t the only “Chosen” one who was protected by an Archangel. It would seem that Gabriel was entrusted with guarding another special young boy named David. As last night’s episode progressed, it was quickly understood that David wasn’t simply any other little boy, but the David from the Biblical story of David and Goliath. And for whatever reason, Gabriel was put on the Earth to protect the boy, acting as his father until his untimely and merciless death at the hand of the King.

I would imagine that it was that young boy’s death that was the starting point for changing Gabriel from the one time kind and compassionate angel that he was into the cold-blooded and ruthless angel that he is now.

Let’s just hope that Michael doesn’t go down a similar path as Gabriel given how much trouble Alex (and gal pal and former higher angel Noma – how hard was it to watch her tear away from her own wings in order to safe Alex, I might add?!) are in with that band of eight-balls who tracked them down at that giant-sized warehouse store.

On the other spectrum, Claire Riesen wanted nothing more than the medical team of Vega to protect her unborn baby (in a way a “Chosen” child since the baby’s father is Alex) when she was brought back to the city after sustaining a serious gunshot wound in what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting with V1 rebel leader Zoe. As explained, the blood loss was too much and Claire miscarried. This will assuredly haunt the Lady of the City, the defacto ruler of Vega, in light of her father basically abandoning his post and leaving Vega behind for New Delphi.

As a side note to the “Chosen” One: Does anyone wonder who was that guy at the beginning of last night’s episode? The one, who with the wave of one finger, brought down on of the eight-balls in a ball of fire. I am extremely curious to see if that was a one-off that will never be answered or perhaps he will play a bigger role in future episodes.

What are your thoughts on Gabriel being the protector of young David in comparison to Michael being Alex’s protector? They have something more in common than just being warring brothers of Heaven. What effect will losing her baby have on Claire? Do you think she will be able to function as the ruler of Vega or will her grief cripple her? What about Alex and Noma? Do you think they have a chance in hell of getting away from all of those eight-balls? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Dominion’ will air on Syfy on Thursday, August 27 at 10/9c.