Beauty And The Beast “Unbreakable” Review (Season 3 Episode 11)

Liam Beauty and the Beast

Vincent proved that he is willing to do anything to keep his friends and innocent people safe from harm in this week’s Beauty And The Beast when he teamed up with Liam. It was a complex job, as Vincent also worked double duty, trying to get Liam to trust him while figuring out what his game plan is. But it was clear Vincent didn’t have much of a choice after Liam threatened J.T and Cat. The scene with J.T. was hard to swallow. Hasn’t he been through enough? And while he continues to move from safe house to safe house, J.T. hides the negative effects he is suffering from having the serum coursing in him.

Meanwhile, Vincent gets in deep with his beast side as Liam encourages him to use all of his senses. As fans will remember, Vincent was previously against using his beasty talents. In a crazy and entraining twist to the storyline, we find out through Cat’s great investigative skills that he’s an ancestor of Vincent. He also had his heart broken by one of Cat’s ancestor. Up until now I felt like this story and the plot was too similar to what we saw with Gabe last season, but this connection is a great payoff and brings new meaning to the last 11 episodes of this season.

When the night’s events come down to the wire, Cat tries to leave Ellingsworth’s to go warn Vincent but it is too late. Liam and Vincent end up in a confrontation before a struggle ensues. Vincent isn’t as strong as Liam and so he gets somewhat of a beat down. Until he beasts out!! Luckily, alarms go off and the police arrive to put an end to the dangerous scene. Liam jumps from the building and survives the fall. Of course, we knew he would. Until next week!

What did you think of this week’s Beauty And The Beast?