Teen Wolf “Lies of Omission” Review (Season 5 Episode 9)

Prologue: Before I can even get started on the events that played out in this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, “Lies of Omission,” I must take this opportunity to first say to Theo and the writers who brought this plague fictional character to my television:

Second, I would like to cordially invite Theo to pack up his crap and kindly see himself out of Beacon Hills and off this show for good. Get out, Theo! Get yo’ sh!t and GET OUT!

Thank you, fellow Teen Wolf fans, for allowing me this opportunity to express my rage about a fictional character. Back to the regularly scheduled program . . .


From the very start of this season, it has been clear that the Teen Wolf writers wanted to do something new and more ambitious with their approach to the story arc for the villain. Whether or not the strategy worked is a judgment best left for reservation until the entire season runs. From the weekly viewing perspective, it has resulted in a mixed bag of episodes – some good, some filler and a few I’d like to forget altogether. Although the final product feels uneven at times, it is hard not to notice that the cast is giving its all to the material, as the adults continue to consistently bring it, Dylan O’Brien’s talent always stands out and our very own Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, has also put forth consistently strong performances. With last night’s episode marking the penultimate of 5A, it is pretty clear that we are not going to get a rushed ending in which all of the loose ends tie together in a messy, half-assed bow in next week’s finale and I think that is a marked improvement in approach. I lament the missed opportunities for character development that we could have enjoyed as viewers had the writers taken a similar approach to the Darach/Alpha pack storyline.

Although it looks like we will be stuck with the Dread Doctors for at least some portion of 5B, the writers managed to advance the plot a bit in “Lies of Omission” and let viewers in on some aspects of Theo’s motivations. I think it will become clearer in the finale, but it appears that Theo is looking to get Scott out of the way and is hoping to do so by pitting the True Alpha against his first Beta. Peter Hale would be proud of a plan of this nature in which all Theo has to do is tell a few lies to create alienation and doubt and let someone else do the dirty work. Granted, Peter never shied away from getting a little blood on his hands. Guys, I really miss Peter Hale.

Hayden is clearly the unwitting pawn in Theo’s plan, but I am not clear on whether her still being alive represents a true alliance between Theo and the Dread Doctors, or if Theo is getting a lucky break because Hayden seems to be able to endure the Dread Doctors’ manipulations without fatal results. There are still way more unanswered questions – how did the Theo/Dread Doctor alliance form? Have the Dread Doctors experimented on Theo and if so, are they continuing to do so? Frankly, my interest in the answers to these questions remains mild. The consequences, however, of Theo’s manipulations are much more interesting, as they bear on two of Scott’s most important relationships – his best friend and his first child.


Theo’s grand gesture last week to save Liam and Hayden, along with his creepy hugs and willingness to give Liam and Hayden some post-danger kissy face time, has definitely caused his stock to rise – at least as it pertains to Liam. Although I do not sense that Liam is ready to pull an Isaac Lahey and ditch his Alpha for someone he perceives is a better leader, Liam is certainly reevaluating his need for Scott’s guidance and protection.

NOTE: I am aware that Derek did not exactly do much to encourage faith in him, but I think his act of selflessness for his sister is the mark of a good leader. I also continue to believe that Scott’s no kill rule is motivated by a desire to help AND a desire not to lose his special status. Doesn’t make Scott bad, but I can’t say I’m totally on board with it.

My heart sank for Scott when Liam rejected his offer for them to stick together and watch out for each other during the super moon. Well done, Posey! Liam is feeling a lot of resentment towards his True Alpha/supernatural daddy and it does not help that every time they are faced with a challenge from the Dread Doctors, the two end up being outmatched until home-wrecking Theo swoops in to “save” the day. Seriously, Scott and Liam looked like they attended the Derek Hale school for combat training last night as they struggled to fight with the Dread Doctors. I love Derek Hale, but poor thing does not have a lot of wins when it comes to fighting on the show. Oh, how I miss that grumpy wolf.

NOTE 2 IN SUPPORT OF DEREK HALE: When teary-eyed Stiles and angry Scott came to Derek to tell him that Jennifer was an awful Darach who tried to kill Lydia and kidnapped Stiles’s father, he listened to reason and allowed them an opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy. He could have easily sided with Darachifer and cast the boys away. Another sign of good leadership from which Scott could learn. Derek did not have a tenth of the trust and history that Scott and Stiles have when they approached him. Just saying.

Although previews can be deceiving, it looks like we’re headed towards a physical confrontation between Liam and Scott, as foreshadowed earlier this season. Although Liam is still a baby in supernatural years, the writers have clearly reminded us as viewers that he’s strong for his age. I ultimately want Scott’s happy home to remain in place, but this confrontation could be interesting to watch.

Not only is that awful, awful Theo pitting Liam and Scott against each other, he’s also created a rift between Scott and Uncle Stiles. That bastard! As viewers, we have repeatedly expressed our frustration with the the secrets and failure to share information on Teen Wolf. Theo is the worst kind of manipulator, as he invited Stiles to share the truth with Scott – knowing Stiles would opt not to because of his fears of rejection and his continued uneasiness with the homewrecker (Theo). With Scott’s self confidence in need of its own inhaler, it was pretty easy for Theo to tell him a tall tale about Stiles and create a rift between the two. It would be easy to bash Scott for not having more faith in his friend, but it’s easy to see how the combination of Theo’s manipulations, Stiles not even bothering to tell his own side of the story and the fact that the Dread Doctors are pulling a total mind whammy on the True Alpha – might have led him not to believe in the friend he’s known and trusted for nearly his entire life.

Granted, I thought Stiles actually made some valid points – despite my frustration with him not telling his version of events. Stiles is not a human, yet he steps up to play the hero role as a member of Scott’s pack, despite the very clear threat to himself and his family. That should have earned Stiles something more than being cast away. Given the conflict Scott is clearly feeling over his choices, it would have been a perfect time for him to call into question his “no kill” rule. Further, Scott’s state of mind does not excuse him overlooking the fact that Donovan was a real and credible threat. This is something Scott witnessed directly. That too should have occurred to Scott as he mulled over the revelation about his best friend.

So how long before the sheriff shares the tall tale that Theo told him with Scott? And as a character, Theo should really move to LA and pursue a career in acting because his ability to crank out the crocodile tears is pretty darn impressive. I still hate him and want nothing but horrible things for him. And I’m going on the record now and saying that I’ve had my fill of redemption stories for undeserving characters, so I’m not interested in that for Theo either. I was barely able to stomach the writers’ attempt to redeem the twins after they were involved in Boyd’s death. I hope the writers do not ask this of viewers again.


Consistent with the title of the episode, we were reminded that Donovan’s death was not the only major lie of omission this season. Malia is still holding on to a pretty significant secret about the Desert Wolf. I don’t even know what to say about the fact that Deaton did not return to Beacon Hills. Based on Scott’s comments, should we be worried that something horrible off-screen happened to Deaton before he could escape the grasp of the Desert Wolf? Let’s hope not. As an aside, I am frustrated that Malia’s Desert Wolf connection has now resulted in her being sidelined in the Dread Doctor conflict. She is a valuable asset whose brute strength could be useful.

Lydia’s mom is also holding a few secrets of her own. As we’ve all suspected, there is no way that Lydia’s mom could be completely clueless to the supernatural given what happened with her own mother and the fact that there is no way she did not see some suspicious things when the night terror girl (whose name I’ve forgotten – sorry) attacked the police station and hurt Lydia. This lie of omission might actually be more frustrating than Stiles not telling Scott about Donovan.


The lone admission in last night’s episode was Parrish telling the Sheriff that he was responsible for taking the bodies of the chimeras. Oh, Parrish. It is a really noble gesture, but shouldn’t someone mention that Parrish flipped over Stiles’s jeep in pursuit of a body? Is a jail cell really going to hold him back? Did someone at least try to line it with a little mountain ash? By the way, how in the world is Stiles’s jeep still functional?

Despite Parrish now being looped in on his chimera burning activities, we’re still no closer to finding out what he is or why he’s burning the bodies.


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This was really tough this week, as Scott would have been the obvious choice but I am trying to be fair to him. I also considered giving the award to all of the characters because their lies of omission created this hot mess of a situation, but that felt lazy. After much consideration, I’ve decided the award goes to Liam. Although his intentions were good, Liam’s idea to “run away” with Hayden from the Dread Doctors – the SUPERNATURAL Dread Doctors was impulsive, stupid and simply put . . . slap worthy. Liam’s good intentions will not avail him of getting this well-deserved slap award.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Despite my anger with Theo and his lies, I found “Lies of Omission” pretty entertaining, mainly due to the heartbreaking scene between Scott and Stiles. O’Brien and Posey are always great in those emotionally charged moments and this was no different. I’m still pretty lukewarm on the Dread Doctors and Theo’s endgame, but the conflict created by their misdeeds has proven to be pretty engaging. Is there any chance that Stiles and Scott are running a long con to trick Theo? If this is not a long con, is there anyway Stiles and Scott can move on from this? Sound off below!

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