Chasing Life “As Long As We Both Shall Live” Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

Chasing Life Aug 17

April was so concerned with her own mortality and whether or not she would be around, who could have imagined what was to come? (SPOILER ALERT) But in Monday night’s episode of Chasing Life, April’s world came crashing down in a scene that was sure to make the toughest of fans shed tears. I make it a point to stay in the dark when it comes to spoilers so watching April try to wake up Leo only to discover he was no longer alive came as a huge shock!
The two just tied the knot, talked about their system and were trying to perfect it, were looking for a place that would be big enough for a family (Leo’s idea), and just celebrated a romantic night in a makeshift scene of Boston’s famous North End. What a blow to Leo/April fans who were routing for these two cancer patients to find their happy ending. Reality stepped in however, and we are sure to see what April will make from this tragedy. Leo’s death sure did throw a wrench into the path I thought the show was taking. Let’s hope we get to see Leo in a flashback moment or two.


Wow! Who could have imagined that one would be judged at an LGBT support group? Brenna did a great job at proving the most judgmental members of the group wrong. And while all of this was going down her relationship with Finn has taken a turn after Brenna declares that he isn’t her type. Later, when she attempts to explain herself further something unsaid hangs in the air. I may be reading into it all, but somehow I don’t think Finn and Brenna will stay just friends. The Edward and Bella reference was cute.


Prior to the death of Leo, April wants in on a certain trial drug and she is willing to pimp out Beth to get it! The whole scenario was funny and understandable on April’s end. After an awkward encounter with Josh, however, Beth seems open to the idea of seeing him again.

Sara & George

Usually the level-headed one, Sara pretends that William is her boyfriend in tonight’s episode so that George wouldn’t feel sorry for her. Hearing George tell his girlfriend that he loves her over the phone in Sara’s kitchen must have been uncomfortable.

What do you think of the death of Leo? Were you surprised?