The Fosters “Lucky” Review (Season 3, Episode 10 – Summer Finale)


As the summer finale of The Fosters opened, Callie and Brandon were reveling in their first time together yet they were pondering what will happen when they got home. They were both convinced that the audio recording Callie sent to Rita – that exonerated her from any wrongdoing in the charges lodged against her by Girls United resident Carmen – would completely ruin Callie’s chance at being adopted by the Adams-Foster.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!!

When Callie and Brandon, along with Mariana, arrived home, the news they received from Stef and Lena (who were joined by Rita and younger brother Jude) was oh so much different than anticipated. Callie’s social worker, Robin, recommended that Callie be adopted by the Adams-Fosters.

This was definitely not what Callie and Brandon were expecting. What were they going to do now? Keep their mouths quiet, that’s what. But, I have to wonder how long that will hold true. They both know how detrimental this truth will be to their family, but keeping something that major silent is not going to be an easy task.

Elsewhere, Lena’s parents arrived to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with friends and family just as Stef and Lena were having major problems within their own marriage. Last week, as viewers recall all too well, Lena came clean to Stef about Monte’s feelings, causing massive friction between the couple. Truth be told if I were Stef I would have been extremely upset by Lena’s omission of details; but after Stef had a health scare, the women were – at the very least – able to make amends, working at getting back on track in their relationship.

Relationships for the other kids in the Adams-Foster family were just as rocky. Mariana – after getting some sage advice from her grandfather Stewart – attempted to fight for Mat; and while he told her that they couldn’t start over in their love affair, he was glad that she wasn’t beating herself up anymore over what she did. Perhaps the next time around Mariana will use better judgment, but that is just my opinion.

Then there was Jude and Connor. Connor’s dad has never been accepting of their relationship, and Connor asked to go live with his mom in Los Angeles. Of course, Jude was upset, but after the impassioned speech made by his sister Callie to the judge during her adoption proceedings, Jude realized that Connor needs to live where he feels safe and happy. Way to go Jude for being mature beyond his years.

Lastly, the summer finale found Jesus returning from his out-of-state school, but most viewers had to notice that Jake T. Austin was no longer playing the role. Austin had asked to leave the show before the start of the current, third season, but rather than killing off the character (which was what fans were dreading for the show’s return earlier this year), he was recast in the form of actor Noah Centineo. But all isn’t well with Jesus either, as he confided with twin sister Mariana that he can’t go back to school. I guess we’ll have to wait to see when the show returns for more of its third season to learn what he has done.

What are your thoughts for the show’s third season? What storylines have you liked the best and the least? Were you pleased with the addition of new foster kid TJ? What do you think about Callie and Brandon? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

ABC Family has yet to announce when ‘The Fosters’ will return for the rest of its third season, but it is anticipated that it won’t be back until January 2016.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster
Nate Centineo as Jesus [new actor taking over the role]

Guest stars:
Rosie O’Donnell as Rita Hendricks
Gavin MacIntosh as Connor Stevens
Chris Bruno as Adam Stevens
Annika Marks as Monte Porter
Tom Williamson as AJ Hensdale
Daffany Clark as Daphne
Jordan Rodrigues as Mat Tan
Travis Schuldt as Nate
Toks Olagundoye as Faith
Kate Zenna as Robin
Bruce Davison as Stewart Adams
Lorraine Toussaint as Dana Adams