The Dangerous Tarr Family on Defiance

Jaime Murray, Tony Curran, Jesse Rath, Stahma, Datak, Alak, Rahm, Kenya - Defiance

Timing is everything, or so the saying goes! I am here as a living testament to the truth of that saying. You see, the schedule called for me to write an article on Defiance this week, and I spent this past weekend at the Shoreleave 37 Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland. You may be asking yourself why I mention these two seemingly unrelated facts. Well, it just so happens that three of the guests at the convention were Jaime Murray, Tony Curran and Jesse Rath, or as you may know them better, Stahma, Datak and Alak Tarr!

Jaime Murray, Tony curran, Jesse Rath - Defiance

A nice piece of trivia that some of you may not be aware of is that Jesse has a sister who is also an actor, Meaghan Rath. Meaghan starred in Being Human, US Version, as Sally (the ghost). Jesse recurred as Sally’s younger brother, Robbie!

Before I forget, let me give a shout-out to the Shoreleave Convention committee for a really fun weekend! Live Long and Prosper!

Spoiler alert – I will be discussing events from many episodes of Defiance, including the most recently aired episode, so if you have not seen it, beware!

While the Tarrs have always been important characters on Defiance, during the third season the drama from this family was really amped up. The death and destruction generated in their wake during this season is impressive. They are complex characters who have been provided with interesting back stories. They are the aliens we love to hate!

One critical take-away from the panels at the convention last weekend is that all three of the actors are hoping that their characters remain as dangerous as they have become. In effect, Jaime does not want to be called “granny” and they do not want to become babysitters of Luke with their fangs removed. It seems to me that should be reserved for the Omec anyway…


Datak, Stahma and Alak - Defiance

You definitely do not want to turn your back on Stahma and Datak! If you do you are likely to find a knife sticking out of it after they leave. Both Datak and Stahma will do anything for power and respect.

For instance, while Datak was in prison for murdering Colonel Marsh, Stahma did nothing to help him – she rather enjoyed being the person in charge, using Alak as the family business figurehead mind you, because the Castithans are a patriarchal society. When Datak was finally released, he almost drowned Stahma in the bath! In fact, she even paid some E-Rep soldiers to harass him in the hopes he would get sent back to jail for his outburst.

Also consider the circumstances of how Datak and Stahma ended up married: Stahma’s betrothed was mysteriously blown out an airlock on their ark ship while on the way to participate in a blood duel with Datak over Stahma. Hmmm… do we really need a diagram to figure that one out?

Nolan was spot on when he said to Stahma, “You know, I’ve had my eye on the wrong snake. You’re the dangerous one.”


Stahma and Kenya - Defiance

The Tarr family is well known for the murders they have committed. Stahma murdered Amanda’s sister Kenya, who at the time was her lover. She was ordered to perform the murder by her husband, Datak. Stahma’s weapon of choice is her infamous “tea” made from the dried, crushed petals of the Castithan Blood Lily. And then of course there is the murder of her own daughter-in-law Christie – although that was with Christie’s consent in order to save the life of her son Luke. But still. And Alak has not gotten over it and I wonder if he ever will!

And while Alak has not killed anyone outside of battle, he is fiercely loyal to his family and their ways – or should I say was? As of the most recent episode, he seems to have achieved a fragile peace with his father, but it remains to be seen if he can ever find the same with his mother.

There is a long list of people and aliens that Datak is either directly or indirectly responsible for killing. Some notable kills are: Colonel Marsh, who had supported Datak in his bid for mayor, and was then murdered over control of the McCawley Mines; Alak’s friend Kupak, who was manipulated into thinking he was making a political statement but instead was set up by Datak to cause unrest and complications for Nolan and Amanda; the Irathient Dilala Patigyekpu, who was killed after Datak was captured and escaped; and Connor Lang because Connor witnessed Datak begging for his life to Dilala, who was female.


Stahma and Rahm - Defiance

It is no surprise that Rahm Tak chose Stahma and Datak to be spies and saboteurs. These two are perfect for those roles. Stahma is always finding an angle to everything. She initially supported Alak marrying Christie because she figured that if something happened to Rafe, then Christie would inherit the mines and would look to the Tarrs for guidance.

Stahma and Datak are both master manipulators. The difference is in how they perform the manipulation. Stahma plays the dutiful wife and obedient female, all the while plotting and insinuating her way into a situation for leverage. Datak however uses lying and force to get his way.


Datak and Rahm - Defiance

The Tarrs have not met a good lie they have not used! This couple will lie about anything, for any reason, but usually to conceal some dastardly deed they have done. Stahma has passed along information under the guise of cooperating all the while setting people up. For instance, she told Kenya Rosewater about the attempt on Amanda’s life that was to occur at the election rally, but in reality it was a ruse to make Nolan shoot and thus cause chaos and questions to embarrass Amanda.

While Alak does not in general lie, he does tend to look the other way when he knows the truth – at least until recently, when he spilled the beans to Nolan about his parents and their spying for Rahm.

Stahma and Datak both lied to Rahm Tak multiple times, although ultimately were forced to do his bidding to keep Alak alive. In the ultimate deception though, Datak lied his way into Tak’s camp in order to destroy it and its inhabitants. Take that Rahm!


What do you think of the Tarr family? Do you watch Defiance to see what they will do next? Are you looking forward to their continuing their evil ways? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!