Beauty And The Beast “Patient X” Review (Season 3 Episode 10)

Patient X

On Thursday’s episode of Beauty and the Beast – entitled Patient X – the hunt was still on for the villain of the season, Liam. Cat and Vincent are finally in sync with JT and Tess looking like they might get back together. Let’s hope!

J.T’s Scary Situation

It was a close call for JT when Liam was just a few doors down in the hospital, posing as a doctor. Using an oxygen tank, Liam tries to blow JT and the whole place up but fails. The incident prompts JT’s move to a motel, and yes, Tess shows up to stay with him. Considering his state of mind and more, it’s a good idea to keep Tess around. He’s going to need her. This is reaffirmed when the two continue to move for their safety. Unfortunately, JT staying out of harm’s way isn’t the only concern. By the close of the episode we see JT getting worse. He gets a nosebleed and it feels like a sure sign of something terrible, something deadly to come.

Chasing Liam

And while all of this is playing out with J.T., Cat and Vincent continue to try and catch Liam, who is fantastic at slipping out of their grasp each and every time. The whole situation is frustrating. You have to admit though, Cat and Vincent are more rock solid in their work together. They are more in sync with Vincent admitting to reading her files, even though he previously told Cat investigating Liam in the traditional ways of a detective was just not going to work.
We also witnessed Vincent’s more useful side as a beast when he begins channeling Liam, visiting rooms where Liam was last and seeing what happened in those areas; the death of the old woman.

Liam’s Backstory

We also learned a lot when it came to Liam’s backstory this week and how Julianna was only trying to help a man who she wasn’t completely aware was a monster. Hearing about how her brother Russell tried to help her by injecting himself was equally tragic, as well as what Julianna was forced to become herself. Let’s hope Cat and Vincent can stop Liam before he continues on his disgusting path of destruction.

Vincent and Liam are A lot Alike

The faceoff between Vincent and Liam was the best part of Patient X. It was dramatic and unexpected as the two realized they were alike. The only problem – Liam is stronger than Vincent. But in the end, Liam doesn’t kill Vincent? Yes, if he did that would have been the end of the story. I cant help thinking an unexpected twist is on the horizon and this is just the beginning.

What do you think? Did you like Patient X and the direction the storyline is headed?