Childhood’s End (Syfy) Interviews: Yael Stone, Daisy Betts and Matthew Graham [Comic-Con 2015]

childhoods end cast

The cast and creators behind Syfy’s miniseries Childhood’s End were on hand at Comic-Con 2015 to present the show and let fans know what to expect. Behind the scenes, TV Equals got the chance to chat with cast members Yael Stone and Daisy Betts, as well as screenwriter Matthew Graham about the new drama.

Check out our interviews below to hear why the creators chose to interpret the book into a miniseries and not into a full TV series, learn about what inspired the musical and costume choices in the show, find out what Betts felt was Ellie’s biggest obstacle, why Stone found it liberating to play a character not found in the original book, plus more.

Childhood’s End premieres on Monday, December 14th, at 8pm on Syfy.

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