The Fosters “Idyllwild” Review (Season 3, Episode 9)


The penultimate episode of The Fosters aired last night, bringing the first half of the show’s third season nearly to a close; and what a tumultuous time it was – especially for Callie, who is still stuck at Girls United. This would normally be somewhat of a safe haven for her if it weren’t for bitchy new girl Brooke and her vengeful boyfriend.

Fans of this show know that Callie can take care of herself, but not when she is faced with a speedy car careening towards her or a drug-selling bad guy trying to catch her as she races for the gated backyard of the Girls United house. What is up with that? Well, Brooke does NOT like Callie and she is using any means necessary to get that point across, including threatening Callie’s life. Not pleasant at all and I can’t wait to see Brooke get her come-uppance.

Things aren’t much better at Casa de Foster-Adams either, though, as AJ is finally moving out to stay with Mike, who is officially his foster dad now; Mariana feels all alone – what with Callie at Girls United, Jude at summer camp, Jesus away at school and Brandon at Idyllwild – more on that shortly. But the really big problem for the household came at the end of the episode with a situation between Lena and Stef. The latter of whom found out that Monte kissed Lena and Lena kept that little nugget of information to herself. The couple is already having enough problems but to have this secret come out (thanks to their mutual friend Jenna, who was – until recently – dating Monte), well, things are not going to get better any time soon.

In the romance department, Mat – Brandon’s former bandmate – returned to town, taking time off from the tour – to support Brandon at the big competition at the summer music camp. He and Mariana, of course, had a rekindling of their romance – like anyone didn’t see that coming – but his hope for them to lose their virginity together (yep, he’s a virgin but Mariana isn’t anymore) didn’t go as he had hoped because she finally came clean about sleeping with someone else (did anyone else notice that she didn’t tell Mat that she slept with Wyatt, Callie’s ex?). I can’t imagine that Mat is going to be forgiving her anytime soon; and I can’t really blame him. What she did is pretty unforgivable.

The situation between Brandon and Callie – which has been pretty complicated from nearly the very beginning – took a drastic turn that they can never take back or, for that matter, keep quiet for very long (no matter how hard they will try to keep it quiet in the future). As viewers know (and if you are not caught up – SPOILER ALERT! – stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoiled), Brandon and Callie finally gave in to their feelings by sleeping together.

The teenagers were convinced that thanks to a recording that Callie made of Carmen (one of the Girls United girls) admitting that she lied about Rita (the woman who runs the Girls United house) hitting her would put her adoption at great risk. You see that recording included details shared between Carmen and Callie regarding her relationship with Brandon during the difficult time when Brandon and Callie were not permitted to see each other; the very time frame that the family’s attorney was investigated; the very issue that was holding up Callie’s adoption.

They may have thought they had nothing more to lose, and giving into their feelings, they could finally have a little bit of happiness and could be together (after all there was no way, in their minds, that her adoption could work now); but as the clips for next week’s summer finale clearly showed – that’s not the case. Dun, dun, dun. This is going to make for great drama for the entire family and a lot of heartache for Brandon and Callie.

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The summer finale of the third season of ‘The Fosters’ will air on ABC Family on Monday, August 17 at 8/7c.

Teri Polo as Stef
Sherri Saum as Lena
Maia Mitchell as Callie
David Lambert as Brandon
Cierra Ramirez as Mariana
Hayden Byerly as Jude
Danny Nucci as Mike Foster

Guest stars:
Annika Marks as Monte Porter
Tom Williamson as AJ Hensdale
Alessandra Torresani as Brooke
Daffany Clark as Daphne
Cherinda Kincherlow as Kiara
Alicia Sixtos as Carmen
Keean Johnson as Tony
Suzanne Cryer as Jenna
Dylan John Seaton as Joe Olsen
Fran Bennett as Iris
Chris Warren as Ty Hensdale
Angela E. Gibbs as Michelle