Teen Wolf “Ouroboros” Review (Season 5 Episode 8)

After this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, I now want Mama McCall to emerge in every scene where a character says or does a dumb thing and slaps the taste out of their mouth. Just as I was reaching the end of my patience with Sheriff Stilinski and his decision to call the police for a supernatural issue – boom – enter Mama Mcall with good ol’ slap. I think I could get on board with just about any stupid, illogical decision the characters made on Teen Wolf if I knew the trade off would be a Mama McCall slap. No matter what issues I may have with plot contrivances and unresolved storylines, there is no denying that Melissa Ponzio always brings her A game to the material she’s given and helps make the show watchable, even when it borders on the ridiculous. Linden Ashby always delivers, as does Seth Gilliam so I found all three to be a welcome addition to last night’s episode.

Speaking of Seth Gilliam, I was elated to see Dr. Deaton return after what felt like weeks of him searching for clues in the Dread Doctor mystery. Admittedly, I found it curious that the Desert Wolf decided to track him down in his pursuit of Dread Doctor answers. Surely she could have had that conversation with him back in Beacon Hills. Watching the Desert Wolf threaten Deaton with a gun made me realize how little we know about the character. I assumed she was supernatural, but then questioned what I actually knew to support that conclusion (outside of Malia being a were-coyote) when she opted to use a gun over supernatural abilities to threaten Deaton. Admittedly, a gun is probably a better choice of weapon for someone like Deaton who probably has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep himself safe in the field. Poor Malia, the girl has the worst set of parents one could ever imagine.

I give Scott a hard time occasionally for his inconsistent demonstration of powers as a True Alpha. Scott is always good for the big game feats, but seems to still struggle with basic wolf-like skills like tracking smell and hearing when someone is lying. Theo picked up on Stiles lying, which led to him discovering the truth about Donovan. Scott, standing right next to Theo, either shrugged off Stiles’s rapid heartbeat or didn’t hear it. Who knows? I also pick on Scott for not using resources or previous lessons when dealing with new supernatural foes. To be clear, these are not Scott’s shortcomings, they’re just more writing shenanigans. I digress, this was supposed to be praise. Let’s get back on track . . .

I’m starting to really dig stressed out, bending before someone breaks True Alpha Scott McCall! Indeed, this is not the Scott can no longer outsource murder (in defense of others) storyline that I’ve longed for, but I’m finding myself more intrigued by the alternative the writers have presented this season. I LOVED when Scott busted up in the house, full of True Alpha swag and troubled relationship angst and just put his fangs right in Corey’s neck without consent. More of this Scott, please. Although I generally hate this stupid Dread Doctor storyline, I’ve quite enjoyed some of the character beats that have resulted from the stupid Dread Doctors. I love watching Scott go from determination to complete inhaler-dependent insecurity. From a character development perspective, I love watching Scott deal with his conflicting feelings. Scott’s becoming a bit more impulsive in his actions, but the writers have not betrayed the heart of the character, as he is clearly feeling struggling with the changes he’s seeing in himself and those around him. Tyler Posey has done quite well with this material this season. Kudos!

I also continue to enjoy Mason’s role with the pack. Although I generally get annoyed when humans tag along on dangerous supernatural missions on Teen Wolf, I appreciate that at least Stiles called it out – despite Stiles being one of the worst offenders of the “don’t take humans to supernatural danger” rule as he loves to veer off on side adventures.

I’ve also enjoyed the further exploration into Kira as a kitsune and that the writers have found ways to work the Yukimura’s into this season. I am crestfallen about Kira’s departure. I have tried avoiding spoilers and casting news about this season, but I’d appreciate any insight you guys might have about whether this is it for Arden Cho on Teen Wolf. I worried at the start of the season that Lydia would be separated from the pack. The writers gave me Lydia at the cost of Kira – really wish there would have been a way for everyone to stick around. This was also a bitter reminder that Kira sort of disappeared last season as well. If Arden Cho returns next season, I hope she gets a contract with more episodes.

In honor of Melissa Ponzio’s greatness and the sheer awesomeness of the Mama McCall slap, I am now starting a new weekly tradition – “The Mama McCall is Getting Tired of Your Dumb Sh!t Award.”

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The inaugural award will go to the first recipient of the Mama McCall slap, Sheriff Stilinski. Look, I love the sheriff and I understand the very difficult position in which he finds himself as sheriff and auxiliary member of Scott’s pack. And while I respect and appreciate the sheriff’s precarious position, the decision to put his entire team in danger in order to protect a body that he knew would be taken by some mysterious, ridiculously strong supernatural creature was just . . . slap worthy.

Until Next Moon Day!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? What was with Theo and the hugs? Does anyone think that Scott may be growing suspicious of Theo or was the look he gave during the hugs more a reflection of his concerns about the safety of his friends?

I was definitely entertained by “Ouroboros,” but I am still not satisfied with the pacing of the Dread Doctors plot this season. I care about the safety of Scott’s pack, but I don’t have a single care in the world about why the Dread Doctors are in Beacon Hills. Sorry! In just a few seconds, I was quite captivated by the Desert Wolf, which is in part a testament to the way in which Marisol Nichols portrayed her. We’ve only got two episodes left and the Desert Wolf storyline feels more like an afterthought and not the more developed plot we were led to believe would unfold. I’m still holding out hope that the writers will allow this plot to carry over into next season for better development.

What say you? Any guesses on what the M. in M. Stilinski is short for? Sound off below!

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