Chasing Life “The Last W” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Chasing Life Finale

Chasing Life took the unexpected path in last night’s episode entitled The Last W. Yes, April and Leo actually tied the knot, but the ceremony came with plenty of drama. We also saw the return of George, learning more about his and Sara’s back story while Beth and Graham couldn’t resist one another, Natalie reunited with her grandmother.

Leo, April & Dom

The outcome looked like a sure thing. April would visit Dom and have doubts. Dom would stop the wedding at the last minute. But that old and played out scenario we often see in soap operas and dramas didn’t happen. Instead, Leo confronted April about paying the disappearing Dom a visit and the two worked it out, moving on with their lives.

It wasn’t entirely a happy ending for the two though, as April collapsed midway down the aisle and had to be rushed to the hospital, ending her wedding before she could even say “I do.” It seems these two can’t catch a break. They did end up tying the knot at the hospital with a tear inducing scene featuring April slipping her wedding dress back on while juggling an IV bag. Leo and April’s dance in the hospital chapel was heartwarming and cute.

A Wedding Hook-Up

There always has to be one spontaneous wedding hook-up. Beth and Graham ended up back together again after Beth made a show with her date. Even April looked disgusted at their extreme PDA. Graham and Beth may be complete opposites but I love these two together. Let’s hope they truly decide to make it more than a one night stand.

Natalie, the Grandmas & Brenna

Actress Marion Ross (Happy Days) showed up to play George and Thomas’ mom, and as always brought the laughs and plenty of flare. Ross and Natalie were great together as estranged grandmother and granddaughter. Grandma Emma also helped out as she verbally sparred with Ross over their grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Brenna was a tad bit jealous of Frankie’s simple best man duties of making sure Leo had socks on while she was stressed over making sure everything went great for April. Brenna also found out about Sara and George’s relationship. The two dated before Sara married Thomas!! I am really routing for these two to get back together.

What did you think of the Chasing Life’s The Last W? Were you hoping for April and Dom to get back together or are you Team Leo all the way?